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    Anand Krishna Now


    Anand krishna, a popular spiritual figure in Indonesia was born in Surakarta, solo in 1956 is now undergoing the process of recovery for his health. After a hunger strike for 50 days, he who also suffers from diabetic, high blood pressure and heart disease, lost 26 kg of his weight. Of course it is not a joke. It takes several months for him to recover.


    As written by a friend of mine, Su Rahman that on day 42 Anand Krishna vomited bile due to his action. And if he continues his action, it will lead to the damage of his other organs that is already starting to weaken because lack of food to be digested.


    Hunger strike was meant as a protest against the injustice that happened in the case he is accused. According to him the protest was intended for all law enforcement personnel in Indonesia so that they will not arbitrary in performing their duties. Because he believes that such arbitrariness he experienced must have also experienced by other children of this nation who involve the legal process.


    Anand’s persistence, as considered by Human Rights activist Ifdhal Kasim, showed that he was struggling for truth. According to Ifdhal, somebody will not withstand a hunger strike for 50 days if he is not convinced what he is fighting against is true.


    In my opinion we should support him in everything he does to fight for justice to be upheld indiscriminately. Of course, it requires wise thought in regard to his alleged cases. He is very cooperative in every trial and always comes before the trial started even there are times when the trial was delayed for several reasons.


    Try to learn the chronology of the case happen to him, and let our conscience speaks. No need to look at his religion, nor where his descendant come from. Just ask our conscience to assess the truth of allegations directed at him. Get rid of any objection or our ignorance about the cases that happen to him. I believe as stated by Gus Nuril that Anand Krishna's struggle could trigger a revolution that is meant for Indonesia to become a better country.


    As Su Rahman wrote that there are many peculiarities during the trial proccess. Seemed that the trial focus on his thinking which he puts in his books. And it is of course against the case he is in which is sexual harrasment allegation.


    The same as told by Helmy from the Anand Krishna’s Advocacy Committee revealed many peculiarities which happened at the trial of Anand. Among others is the confession of Tara Pradipta Laksmi, 20, who mentioned that she was treated inappropriately by Anand on March 21st, 2009 in Ciawi, Bogor. In fact, at that moment Anand was having a meeting in Jakarta with a number of people. There is an attendance list and there are witnesses. “Moreover, the report from Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital which was made by Dr. Mu’min Idries stated that Tara’s virginity remains normal and intact, no signs of violence has been found in her genitalia,” said Helmy.


    With his big heart, Anand Krishna gave statement about why he did hunger strike when the Judges chaired by Hari Sasangka decided to detain him on March 9, 2011. “I am not angry, but I am disappointed with the law which has been corrupted. I expect you and your descendants will not go through the persecution that I experienced,” he said




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