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    Have you seen Bigfoot?

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    Ron Feuer


    Bigfoot, yeti, GW Shrub, and other nonsense terms are only a frigment of the imagination of idiots...mainly living in the US. Have you ever noticed that when things such as the Cold War start to loom again on the horizon as is doing so now, people start having visions of bogfoot, yetis, flying saucers and other dumb things appearing in most of their cocktail drinks and liquor bottles? It is though folks are wanting something to come to deliver them from devils like our current president whom was gingerly elected on two separate occasions by idiots in this country. Well, we are experiencing this deliverer's concepts yet again today, as our leader, the cheerleader in charge is undertaking another one of his delusions-of-grandeur thoughts, the one he recently voiced...Russia needs to stop bullying other countries...he bullied Iraq and attacked that country five and a half years ago, and now, he tells Russia that it can't invade Georgia...the only thing that I can see here is that Shrub has the mind of a bigfoot...and also the short memory that such a mind can have. If you want someone to believe in rather than Shrub or bigfoot, try looking in your mirror!!!

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