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    Posted May 24, 2011 by
    Joplin, Missouri
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    Joplin tornado: One year later

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     'When I looked at the sky it looked like it was north of us so I started calling everyone north of us, but then it all went down hill from there,' Tarahj said. 'It was like this moving wall as far as I could see. We ran. We got to the hallway and I slammed the door behind me. We did not have time to do anything else.' These photos show parts of what is left of Tarahj's home, and her car that was destroyed by the tornado. 'I’ve never been so happy to be alive because we really thought that was it.'
    - ccostello3, CNN iReport producer

    My husband had awoke me from a nap to tell me the tornado sirens were sounding . I got up and turned on the local news to watch the weather. From what they were saying it sounded as though the storm was headed for central and northern joplin, so I began calling my friends and family in that area to give them a warning about the weather.

    My husband and I then went outside to look at the sky. To the south the sky was blue and a deep pink, to the north it was getting very dark.  The temperature was still very warm. Everything after that happened so fast. We noticed the birds flying in odd patterns, and I knew something was very wrong. We have a dog, and were watching my mothers dogs since she was in London.  I asked Andrew (my husband) to get the dog kennel just in case things got bad. As he brought it in from the garage I stepped out into the backyard. I immediately felt the temperature drop. What happened next I will never be able to erase from my memory.  I feltvibration in the ground and heard what sounded like three trains steamin ahead straight for me. I looked to the west and saw awhat can only b

    e described as a moving wall as far as I could see. I yelled for my husband to run. We only made it to our hallway with me carrying my moms dog maxx and my husband had my moms boston terrier rocky in the dog kennel between us. We felt the tornado hit almost immediately after we sat down  on the hall floor. The whole house began to violently shake and the sounds I dont think I could describe with a million words. We just heard things ripping and tearing, things slamming into walls. Then we realized how bad it really was. The roof above our heads began to peel off, I put maxx in the kennel and grabbed my husbands hand. We bagen to pray. The window in the hallway burst and glass sprayed the room. The dogs crouched together shaking in fear. I had my back against the door to the master bedroom (which is on the back of the house) the door flung open behind me. I remember feeling this force slam into my back, which turned out to be a piece of closet door from the master bedroom.  I could feel strong wind on myy back.I will never forget the look on my husbands face. We continued to pray, but I was so resigned to the fact that we ere going to die that day. Even as the dryer slammed into my husbands back, and he watched wide eyed as the room behind me was sucked off of the rest of the house, we prayed. and we survived.  my dog had been trapped in our bedroom since we didnt have time to get to her, and andrew had to bust in the bedroom door, but when called Ginger came crawling out from under the boxspring of our bed. The top mattress was found laterin the backyard under rubble.  I feel so blessed. The roof was ripped off above me, the room 6 inches behind me is no longer there....but I am. I will never forget this day as long as I live...and hope that soon I'll be able to stop seeing it every night when I close my eyes.

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