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    Towel Day - A Tribute to Douglas Adams


    Come and dine with me at Milliways, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe.  From what I can remember of Douglas Adam’s fantastic novel, as you sat and waited to order your meal you were presented with a living talking cow, dished up on a platter, the cow then invited you to study his anatomy telling you how tasty each bit of him was, he then asked you to choose a tasty steak from part of him before be went off to shot himself! It was all too much for Douglas Adam’s hero of the book Arthur Dent, he wanted to settle for a green salad or a glass of water, he couldn’t face meeting the juicy steak and talking to it before he ate it!


    Sadly the wonderful humorous Douglas Adams died on May 11, 2001 of a heart attack, he was just 49, his books, including the most famous, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, have become a cult, having a huge following of fans.  So it was with a pleasant surprise that I found it was Towel Day yesterday (May 25).  Towel Day is held annually to celebrate the life of Douglas Adams and it looks like a world-wide event.  A towel should be worn thrown over your shoulder on this special day!


    Why a towel? Well in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, besides being advised to carry a handy pocket book with ‘DON’T PANIC’ written on the cover, the towel was the most useful object a traveller could possess, it had many uses, you can wrap it around you for warmth, you can lie on it on the brilliant marble-sanded beaches of Santraginus V, you can sleep under it beneath the stars, which shine so redly, on the desert world of Kakrafoon, you can use it as a mini raft, wet it for use in hand-to-hand combat, wrap it around your head to ward off noxious fumes, or to avoid the gaze of the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal! Well Douglas had many uses for an every-day towel, his limitless imagination was a joy to all of us who read his books.


    I was delighted to see that Towel Day had been remembered in Second Life too.  I travelled over to ‘Milliways, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe’ hosted by the Hyrule Legend of Zelda sim (owned by Ora Varthader).  On my arrival at the sim I soon realised it was attracting lots of attention, I even met a newbie who appeared to have joined SL just to see what she could find out about Douglas Adams. There was to be an official Towel Day event starting at 12 noon, so I decided to go back to see the show.


    The whole thing was created by DarthVenger Blackheart.  DarthVenger had organised it and his brother Ora had built the venue with DarthVenger helping with the details.  When I arrived later DJ Gilliam Saeed was playing some great tunes and he introduced Suzan Littlething on stage who did a wonderful performance singing live with songs including ‘Heart of Gold’ and ‘Bad Moon on the Rise’.


    People continued to pour into the sim all day and I later managed to speak to DarthVenger and Ora later on in the evening.  Darth told me “We love Douglas, the place grew from that love” And it was certainly a brilliant site, the Restaurant was so well re-created in SL that I almost thought the talking cow would arrive any minute!  I said to DarthVenger that the amount of people visiting the sim proved how many fans there are out there.  DarthVenger added “I know it, I can't say how much it means to my brother and I to see them together here....we made this place 100% for the community....we Hitchhikers have to stick together.”  In fact DarthVenger said he had checked their facebook event and there were almost 800 people.  Milliways, care of DarthVenger and Ora, had been open for a month, but it was now to be pulled down as Towel Day comes to a close.  It will be up and running again next year and Douglas will never be forgotten, he left us a great legacy with his fantastic books and he’s brought joy to many people all around the world.  I bet if he could look at the state of the planet today he would simply say to us DON’T PANIC!


    Many thanks to DarthVenger Blackheart and Ora Varthader.


    Hyrule Legend of Zelda


    Towel Day


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