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    A letter from a little Vietnamese girl.



    Dear Mr. President Barack Obama and Mrs. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton

    I’m a Vietnamese Student. I have lived in America for six months. My English is not good. I hope you can understand what I write. Sometimes, my expression still isn’t clear. I expect that you can excuse me if I make a mistake.

    I’m a junior of a high school in Maryland. When I was in Vietnam, I knew much about Americans’ culture and Americans’ history. I love the culture and customs of America. I love American songs with beautiful singers. I love friendly Americans when they visit my country. I love America’s great educational system. I hope that one day, I could study in America. Then, my dream came true like a miracle. At present, I’m a student in a high school in America. I believe that America’s great educational system will help me develop my ability. I will get many benefits from it. I regard America as my second country. I hope one day, I will become an American citizen.

    Today is a warm day in America; I am trying to prepare for my upcoming exams. I’m broken-hearted now. China wants to annex and appropriate two beautiful islands which belong to Vietnam. That is Paracel Island and Spratly Island.

    Despite being very tired and worried about my upcoming exams; I am now worried and scared for my native country-Vietnam.

    From hundreds of years, the world map has a clear division of the territorial boundaries. Each country is friendly, works and cooperates with each other peacefully.

    I was really surprised when I heard that China wanted to encroach on the sea of Vietnam. China is gradually taking away a large block of a proud fortune of Vietnam.

    China is much larger than Vietnam. The natural resources and the minerals of China are also more fertile and prosperous than Vietnam. Why does China want to take away a little pride of my homeland?

    I feel fear and sadness about this. In the past, Vietnamese fishermen and ships were fishing freely in the sea around the Paracel Island. Since China attacked garrisons of Vietnamese navy and occupied islands on 19 Jan, 1974. All fishing activities of Vietnam civilian completely were banned and pushed Vietnam into a dangerous situation. This has led to the bloody tragedy that has never happened before.

    China has used their cruisers to hit Vietnamese fishing boats. The Vietnamese fishermen were chased in their territory. Vietnam is a small country. Vietnam always tried to ignore the excessiveness of China. However, the more Vietnam ignored it, the more excessive China was. The recent actions of China to Vietnam are unforgivable. The dealing and behavior of China make me extremely disappointed. Moreover, China denied all their mistakes.

    Recently, one of three Chinese patrol vessels intentionally cut a submerged cable towed by the ship. China’s foreign ministry blamed Vietnam for the incident, saying our oil and gas operations undermined China’s interests and jurisdictional rights. China’s action is immoral and not something such a powerful should do. China’s impudence is cowardly. China’s actions are not worthy of the largest Asian area. It is showing the world its false face.

    Witnessing a Vietnamese fisherman kowtow and being scared when they are captured by Chinese navy, I shed my tears. They fish legally in the sea which belongs within Vietnam’s sovereignty. China’s action is lacks respect for Vietnam’s sovereignty. All activities of Vietnam were intervened by China. Vietnam wants to keep a friendly relationship with China but does not tolerate China’s disrespectful, invasive and bullying attitude.

    I have no choice but quietly watching my country slowly takeover by China. Can you feel my heart is bleeding? I want to do something for my country but how?

    I was born in peacetime. However, I understand the tragic loss of the country during the war. I hate war. I fear death. I love peace and I love my native country- Vietnam. Vietnamese people are very kind and hospitable. Sometimes, they are very hot-tempered and impatient because Vietnamese people love their homeland very much. Vietnamese don’t like war, but Vietnamese can’t sit still when witnessing their country being invaded.

    In my eyes, the United States of America is the strongest nation in the world. They are big brother of all small countries. America always protects human liberty and protects world peace.

    Mr. President and Mrs. Secretary, surely a person with the compassionate heart and tolerance as you, doesn’t want to see the war, do you?

    With a rich and open-handed nation as China, those two small islands of Vietnam are unworthy. But, Paracel Island and Spratly Island are a huge pride of 84 million Vietnamese. It is blood and heart of the whole Vietnamese.

    I should be trying to improve my study because my English is still bad. But as a Vietnamese, I love my homeland. I can’t be apathetic about this situation. I know I cannot help my country. I’m a young patriotic Vietnamese girl, who lives in America. Patriots like me are very many. I believe that the power of patriotic fervor is the strongest weapon in the world; nothing can defeat it. The unyielding spirit of Vietnamese is proven in the past. Patriotic flames, once lit, can be difficult to extinguish.

    I know that the United States don’t have any reason to protect my country, but I am asking you to protect my little country. My beloved country is facing up to a lot of difficulties. War is not a thing which anybody wants including the eighty-four million Vietnamese and two billion Chinese. If the war between Vietnam and China happens, I supplicate you to protect my country. In every situation, I expect that you will support Vietnam. I am simply asking you to protect a small country that loves peace and hates war. America is the most hearted nation. They believe liberty, peace and unity is something worth fighting for.

    I hope I have not taken up too much of your time. I will stop my pen here. This letter is not too long but that’s all I have. I’m a shy person. Writing this letter to you is the most courageous thing I have done yet in my life. I have confidence in your ability to address this matter. To me, this letter is very important, because nobody writes a letter to send secretary or president in my country.

    If you respond to my letter, I will be more self-confident in interacting with people in my new country, America. I didn’t tell to my parents about this letter. They will be laugh at me and saying that I had done a futile thing. No one believes that you will read my letter and reply to it, but I believe that you will read it and respond to me.

    Your response is the best gift for my upcoming 18th birthday.


                                                                                                                                                    Le Phuc Nguyen Hong

                                                                                                                                                    A little Vietnamese.

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