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  • Posted June 16, 2011 by
    Vancouver, British Columbia
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    Boston wins, Vancouver riots

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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     seeitnow comments, 'At the time of filming some 45 minutes ago police appeared to be in retreat mode possibly waiting for lull or waiting for reinforcements. The city of Vancouver sounds like a war zone with explosions, people screaming, sirens blaring and helicopters patrolling the sky.'

    'I note significant restraint by the police, which I think was a wise move because despite the large number of police they were still massively outnumbered. I saw police taking hits with plastic water bottles chucked across the street, A few nearly got me.'
    - elchueco, CNN iReport producer

    Canucks fans were more than  a little disappointed tonight as fans gathered to feed the flames of anger by overturning at least one vehicle and setting it on fire.


    Bank windows were being smashed and port-a-toilets were overturned everywhere I could see. At lesst one truck was set on fire with frantic mobs feeding the flames with anything they could find.


    Riot police came out but appeared to make a quick retreat rather than confront the angry crowd, perhaps to wait for reforcements.


    Explosions, sounds of sirens and choppers were still active as I filed this report at 10:45pm.


    The people I met on the street all wanted me to tell CNN that they were ashamed of this and that this is not the way Canadians normally behave.


    I was quite surprised to see that most of the police, looking seriously outnumbered decided to retreat rather thanproceed with arrests.


    I had several local people beg me not to file this report for fear of embarrasing an otherwise care free city.


    Percy von Lipinski

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