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    Posted June 16, 2011 by



    These are the posts of the victims that have escaped from the Isha foundation




    The Isha foundation is in fact a cult and jaggi is the cult leader. This was confirmed years ago by Iyengar himself.

    If you are new to visiting this site, you will find many attempts by isha followers to try and cover this up as directed by jaggi. There are many stories here that come from true victims who were sucked into this cult by manipulation and hypnosis. There are many victims who are still afraid to speak out because of fear that was programed into them verbally and subliminally after being hypnotized. If you are in any form co-dependent or are a good subject for hypnosis, do not even attempt to go to one meeting or listen to one video of the isha foundation. All recording have subliminal messages and some have hypnotic programming as directed by jaggi. The victims here are sharing there experiences to help protect anyone from getting involved with isha so they will not have to go through the physical and emotional trauma they have gone through. The victims are doing this out of love and have nothing to gain monetarily or do they wish to try and control others. Jaggi does not want to lose control of his followers or their money and his followers will try to manipulate everyone possible, beginning with curiosity to get you to come to one meeting. Be strong and don't let anyone try to reprogram you to lose control of your true self. Everyone should remain independent and not follow anyone.


    When you look at the big picture here and stop looking at the little things, you will see that Jaggi is a modern day pharaoh trying to build his kingdom with slaves who are under hypnosis and are drawn in by black magic. He is even having them build monuments, they may not be as big as pyramids, but he has control over them. Can't anyone see this and say "let my people go", this is the true picture here.


    Hi all,
        Check out this link below

    this wikipedia link mentions sadhguru's birthdate as 3 rd september 1957.This was a tuesday.

    Now if you check out the youtube link below, you will find sadhguru appealing to people to give up one meal on wednesday and donate the equivalent amount to isha Vidhya. Someone in the crowd asks him, whats special about a wednesday. One of the reasons for wednesday being special, he says, is because he himself was born on a wednesday and then says that 23 rd september that year was a wednesday.

        So the wiki link says he was born on 3rd september 1957 while sjv himself says he was born on 23 rd sep 1957  which happened to be a wednesday.
    Anyways 23 sep 1955 ----- fri
                  23 sep 1956 ------ sun
                  23 sep 1957-------Mon
                  23 sep 1958 ----- tues
                  23 sep 1959-------- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh finally a wednesday, a day special in every way, so says the enlightened being.

          So isha guys time for a new birthday for your guru???

    This great guru who can open up the cosmos with his  ring finger, who can send the likes of sparky and raghav (our resident vedic student) into uncontrollable bliss, who birthed a goddess, who consecrated a massive "experiential possibility" such as the Dhyanalinga (infact even the rig veda supports his claim to be the consecrator of the said experiential device), cant seem to get his birthday right it seems.
       hey raghav hope this one atleast is verifiable and we dont have to go to the gaudiya vaishanavas and kahsmiri shaivas to get his birthday.
    and raghav pls do let me know what % of this is lies and what % is misunderstanding.



    Hi All,
        Sorry for burdening all with my repeated posts. this is an extension of the above post. Since sadhguru was appealing for donations for his isha vidya project thought id give a small post on the subject of isha asking for donation .














    All the three links appeal for donation for the isha institute of inner sciences. Corporates and individuals are urged to match donations. There are the usual calls for volunteering , the usual explanation of the costs involved, the costs of doors and windows and heating systems and of course the exhortations to do more an more since sadhguru is giving his whole life for us.




    Interestingly, in this link sadhguru is going in for a brand new R22 Beta Helicopter from Robinson helicopter company to , as he says, churn up a spiritual revolution in tamil nadu" since enlightened being, for whom the illusions of time and space have resolved,  is "short of time".







    the heretic in me led me to find the price of this spiritual flying machine and :








   ( reach here for first hand info on cost an operating costs)


    A measly 266,000 USD , a yearly cost of 8000 USD and a measly hourly operating cost of 121 USD, and plenty of landing space too, it appears from the blog, considering so many ishaites have offered their rooftops as helipads.So raghav and sparky, when your hear "Chuk Chuk Chuk" maybe sadhguru in his spiritual flying machine is comin to land on ur rooftops. better start making helipads on your rooftops. afterall u dont want to be unprepared for your beloved guru.






    Interesting point sadhguru brings out when he says he wants us to feel what the children feel, and what impact our one meals donation will have on that child. (if the above link doesnt work, try using the key words' isha vidhya skip a meal project, in youtube).






    Just one last post for the day :
    the hummer in which sadhguru drives up is worth a measly 40,00,000 INR or nearly 80,000 USD.

    Question is is it his or his devotees.We already know he has a sports bike, a landrover and now a helicopter and a hummer. Transportation for an enlightened being
    Shhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa enlighten me ssooooooonnnnn.


      Hi all,
    I came across this video in another blog. Its a true film about a false prophet[image]
    if you have a problem with following the link you may google the same.Its from T\time videos of the time magazine.
    Sparky I hope you have a look at this video clip, and I hope it broadens your prespective on this guru business.






    This post is for the mystically inclined.
    Before going into the post I would like to say the stupidseeker's video links are showing how today's spiritual seekers are and what qualities rule the society now. Thanks stupidseeker. The video proves that these so called gurus are doing a business and cheat people. Yes, people get their 'experiences', they feel connected. From a totally false guru. These are spiritual placebos who give people experiences and it works too! Nobody knows what these experiences mean and where 'it works' takes them.
    But there is real spirituality and there are people with amazing power to see through time among other things. I met one on Tuesday. They practically hide themselves. We would not know them even if we are friends with them unless they reveal themselves. He was a very simple and ordinary looking man. He introduced his friend(spiritual, has powers)also, who is a watchman in the same building :). One common trait is that they solve people's problems and never take credit nor advertise. These are the real mystics. They know they are just tools, hands, pipelines. We were talking about many things among which jaggi's topic was one. He rescued a 21 year old girl from Isha upon her parents' plea using puja to change her mind and broke hypnosis.
    When I asked about jaggi he said jaggi uses hypnotic techniques and black magic. Jaggi sacrificed Viji and is controlling her spirit. He just gave a different angle to my conviction. She is a slave for jaggi and obviously suffering. We know that handyman is also saying the same thing all along(hypnosis,black magic). But as rule of thumb these things(control of spirit,black magic) has an expiry date. So jaggi's happy days are going to be over soon. He would have to face a very furious feminine force apart from tons of karma he had acquired. He really is a stupid guy.
    Anyway we look at it, the bottom line is jaggi is a fraud and a disgusting individual.




    Welcome to the forum!  I hope that we learn something from the vast store of knowledge about Eastern Philosophy that you so obviously seem to possess.  Also, I truly hope that you too would be able to understand where we are coming from with respect to Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev and his empire building on the backs of unsuspecting 'volunteers'.

    Most of us here have a great respect for Spirituality in general, and Eastern Spirituality in particular.  We are deeply interested in yoga, meditation and pranayama.  matter of fact it is this interest that led us to Jaggi in the first place.  We know that India is a giant in spiritual achievement just as the west is great in achievement of material accomplishments.  (Matter of fact I understand India was, in the past, known for the later too).

    It is interesting that you should bring the name of that great master, Maharshi Ramana, into the discussion about Jaggi!  He is truly the greatest of the Indian mystics of the twentieth century!  And what a life he led!

    He abhorred physical comforts for himself.  Just two pieces of towel for his clothing.
    He led an extremely simple life.  There is no audio recording of his voice!  He ate what his disciples ate.
    Never did he accumulate money and wealth.  He treated everyone the same.
    Never did he go on foreign jaunts; matter of fact he never left his beloved Mountain.
    Never did he allude to the fact that he was superior to others, or that rules of the asram did not apply to him.  He lived as an inmate.
    He taught the simple but powerful path of self-inquiry.  Never did he claim Vedic sanction for his action, especially the non-existent part of the Rig Veda.
    Never did he surround himself with the rich and powerful, the young and beautiful, and the mighty and strong.  Matter of fact he was constantly surrounded by the           'commoners' of society, cows, monkeys, deer and other creatures.

    What Jaggi's spiritual accomplishments are, I do not know.  What concerns me are the following:

    The man is a self acknowledged liar.
    He amasses wealth on the backs of slave labor or his 'volunteers' and expects more from them.
    He lives a life of luxury for himself, and his daughter, while exhorting his 'volunteers' to live a life of penury.
    Indulges in a lifestyle of the rich and famous, drives expensive automobiles and posses private aircraft for his travel needs.
    Wears designer clothing, relegating his 'volunteers' to wear the garb of a mendicant.
    He is known to prowl the West for potential 'volunteer' inmates, especially young, attractive girls, and rich upwardly mobile professionals.
    Eats stuff denied to his 'volunteers', had a normal married life begetting a child while denying the same to his more aspiring 'volunteers'.
    He plays fast and loose with facts, the truth and events in his life(s).
    He is an accused in the murder of his poor wife, the charges having been brought up by his own father in law.

    In my opinion to draw parallels between the Maharshi and Jaggi is akin to comparing chalk and cheese.  Simply no contest.


    jaggi is not a scientist, he is a hypnotherapist and he has you believing anything he wants you to believe.  That is it and it is very simple for everyone to see. You have been shown videos of how people can be put under hypnosis and have no way of telling they are under, and you have been shown how easy it is to become a guru and make people think they are connected.   Victims of isha who acted and thought just like you in the past have tried to explain to you and you are unable to comprehend what they say, to help you understand that you are under jaggi's control. Everyone who has read this forum sees you as an example of what hypnosis can do. If you were the least bit enlightened and in control of your thoughts, you would not be here deffending jaggi because there would be nothing to deffend if he was what he claimed to be. You are here for him and not yourself, there is nothing here for you to gain except help from other victim.


    He / jaggi is just enough awake to get himself in more trouble than he thinks. When you think you are more smart than the creator, you have another thing coming. Jaggi thinks he is. The one thing I love about karma, it comes when you least expect it so the lesson is at its best. Some people take many life times before they ever get it.



    This next reply is from a isha cult member


    "When you think you are more smart than the creator"

    Even an idiot is smarter than the "creator". Because to gather knowledge into your mind is a human experience, as far as the "creator" is concerned, it is not even conscious of it's own existence. Otherwise, it would be divided amongst itself. It is only through man that there is a possibility of the divine realizing itself.



    You are as clueless as the man who has programed you and you have no clue where your thoughts come from. You just made a great example of yourself to help show others what isha can do to the mind.
    thank you



    I had a chat with a spiritual person today. The same who told me Jaggi is using his wife's soul to get things done. While talking on this subject he said there are more ghosts involved and Jaggi controls them. In India, this kind of occult has a long history. It looks like spirituality but it's not. Street magicians('modi mastans') used this to earn a few bucks while their powers seemed amazing. They used these controlled entities to bring/move stuff. Jaggi is one such person who speaks English and makes millions. He uses them to control the crowd and give some of people twitching and shaking. Claps, hissing sound, sharp clicking sounds act as invocation cues for them. My friend also said once you enter Isha ashram you are under a certain control. Residents are made to forget unwanted incidents. Once you enter you won't remember everything. I asked him why do they forget and he replied that if they had remembered everything they would go to the police.
    Today's chat shed new light on this subject. I always wondered about his raw arrogance and confidence. He may be getting it from the pride of controlling souls. Jaggi talking about life energy, death, ghosts , dissolving them, and were seen by people (Mystic's Musings) gets new context. You may or may not believe this. But this kind of world exists and I have seen enough proof. Just get out of Isha.


    This is the black magic I have been talking about for three and a half years and namath is his main witch. They also use animal spirits to do some of their dirty work.  Some spirits are very powerful in this vibration. I recently got rid of a poltergeist at an apartment that I manage before I could rent it out, he was strong enough to carry a quart of paint and take a wet spoung and write his initials on the wall with dirty water besides scratching them in the wall which he also did. All the dirt is coming out on jaggi.










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