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    Posted July 7, 2011 by

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    Swedish government - democracy and the rule of law?


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    Despite plenty of press / news release, etc.
    acting non-journalists and the media from that generally all Swedish citizens is taken from the EU right of free movement of health care market in the EU / EEA.Included those involved in a systematic power in Sweden corruption?Why refuse the Swedish Government to answer questions in the letter of 2010-11-19?

    Sharp questions to the Swedish Government, which is still unanswered found via this link http://eueeshealthcare.mpbloggar.se/sveriges-regering/

    Almedals-week 2011 is fast approaching its end and the crucial issues on the basis of legal security for the Swedish Union citizens are not yet pledged to the political power of the establishment of media and journalists, why?

    Is the rule of law in the public interest or is it more important during Almedals-week to rub shoulders with everyone and everything on display in addition to "good manners"?

    Have the political power establishment a responsibility based on the rule of law in Sweden in general for all Swedish citizens?

    Are the EU rights of the public interest to write about and critically examined by journalists on the basis of generally all Swedish citizens denied / transferred during the EU right of free movement in the health care market in the EU / EEA?So with the Swedish Government, Swedish Parliament, certain administrative tribunals and Insurance / county councils in symbiosis?

    neither parties mentioned have done anything yet, all overtime is informed about the situation. The EU Commission is in the near future hopefully inclined to make decisions about how to proceed against Sweden on the basis of notification of the date of the Working Group 2009-05-27 AMBU.

    Discrimination in general for all Swedish citizens on the basis of Article 21.2 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights is very serious EU illegality and the general discrimination because of the state Sweden has clearly been in collusion, cartel, done everything possible to protect the domestic Swedish healthcare market protected from competition from other healthcare providers outside Sweden but within EU / EEA.

    It also means also, therefore, that all health care providers outside Sweden's borders but within the EU / EEA prevented deliberately to compete on equal terms with health care providers in Sweden so-called unfair competition which is the EU illegally. I.e. general consequence is the EU-malpractice is connected to the system in Sweden in a cartel, which also including such proceedings are EU illegally!

    Power Corruption

    That this may continue, despite the fact that Sweden reviewed by the European Commission for over two years, and Swedish journalists and the media obviously not care about the public interest because neither of them has critically examined this EU illegal procedure and reported to the public about what is going on. All parties named are very well informed by e-mail and the press / news releases but no one has yet acted by these parties i.e. to raise questions on the basis that it is in the public interest and is determined by the rule of law and democracy!

    Almedals-week 2011

    It seems quite unreasonable that no one in the journalists / media asked the essential sharp questions even though evidence exists for it and the call has gone out through most of the press / news releases in recent weeks. This link http://eueeshealthcare.mpbloggar.se/ is a basis for critically examining the political power of the establishment and expose this concentrated power of corruption based on what has been demonstrated.

    Probably the biggest legal scandal in Swedish history and journalists / media is completely silent in their responsibility to report to the public about what is going on and going on overtime.

    The only conclusion which can then be drawn is that journalists and media are involved in this power corruption as evident then completely taken over in Sweden, which then also is very frightening for generally all Swedish citizens! So for the existence of non-democracy and the rule of law at all in Sweden advertiser 2011th

    Democracy and rule of law

    Assumes that the democracy and rule of law is important and that the total power of corruption is not to be regarded as democratic and secure anno 2011 in Sweden, that journalists and the media make the public aware of what is demonstrated by
    to critically review and associated report to the public about what is going on and going on overtime based on what has served you all. If everyone thinks that democracy and rule of law are of value, it is time to test it in practice!
    Discretion and "good form" does not belong in the press corps and media, which have the responsibility to critically examine the power!

    Ulf Bittner, one of three in the Working AMBU

    http://eueeshealthcare.mpbloggar.se/ (use google translation)

    Working AMBU group care about Swedish EU citizen EU rights and you can read more via this link http://nackskadeforbundet.se/AMBU.php (use google translation)

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