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    Posted July 10, 2011 by
    Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis

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    Crime in St. Kitts

    To date (8 July 2011) there have been 17 MURDERS on St. Kitts  (+ 2 in Nevis - UPDATE: 3 men were arrested in connection with the 1st Nevis murder):

    Wendell "Dog" Wilkenson (22) in De Village shot at 8:30am 8 July 2011; Ricardo ‘Fila’ Pemberton (25) of Old Road shot to death on 7 July 2011 around 11pm; Brian Ras Benji Farrell-Benjamin (?) shot in broad daylight (around 2pm) in front of his business at Edwards Lane, New Ponds on 4 July 2011; Alexter "Lanny" Eloni Jeffers (21) killed (3 others were wounded) around 10pm in McNight on 27 June 2011Shaquille Greene (18) shot near Crafthouse at about 9pm on Bay Rd on 25 June 2011; Kervin Hanley (25) of West Farm was found shot multiple times in a cane fields north of Pond's Estate on June 13 2011; Kelvin "Boopy" Hazel (17) was shot and killed in Shadwell after 8pm on 24 May 2011 and Elron Wilkinson (16) is in the hospital; Ikimba Bradley (17) and Ken White were killed and Clairmont Bowrin wasinjured in a shoot out at Lodge after 8pm on 23 May;Kurvin ‘Yellow Man’ Hanley (33) found in his West Farm home with severe burns on his legs on 16 May, unfortunately he died several days later at the hospital; Shervin Williams (30) found shot and left on a dirt road in Godwin Ghaut on 25 April (3 people arrested/1 escaped); Jamie "Big Ship" Williams (27, son of police commissioner) shot multiple times in Buckley after 9pm on 6 April (UPDATE: Jahari ‘Baddie’ Bart (19) and Kelroy ‘C-Face’ Hazel (22), both of St. Johnson Village, were jointly charged with the murder of Williams); Bijorn "Bush" Richardson (26) shot to death while working in Dorset Park, Basseterre around 8:20am on 4 April [UPDATE: 25-year-old Kevis ‘Yellow’ Riley of George Street, Newtown was charged with the murder of Richardson); Unique Brown (15) was found dead of head trauma in a downtown industrial parking lot on 3 April after last being seen at a Club Kactus party the night before;  Quincy Liburd (Nevisian, 29) was shot on 13 March (along with his cousin who survived) in Conaree after 10pm; Sean ‘Tegroman’ Brazier (38) of Pitcairn Street, Newtown, who was shot multiple times to the body sometime after 3:00 a.m. on Saturday, 5 March; and Devon Morton (28) of Upper Monkey Hill, St. Peters, who died at the JNF Hospital 15 days after he was shot by two masked gunmen in McKnight on 10 January.

    NON-FATAL CRIMES (well known crimes) since the beginning of the year include:

    July 2011

    So let's see, the latest reported crimes haven't been targeted against tourists, businesses, or even expats lately, but I'd be afraid to live west of Basseterre. 4 July cops shot Elsroy "Heads" Mills (23) in the leg about 5:15pm in Cayon after Mills allegedly fired on a couple of guys in an ice cream parlor and wouldn't drop his gun when ordered to do so. Unfortunately, so far, the rest of the crimes have involved deaths, so are above in fatalities. 8 July: A woman in her 80s got caught in some cross-fire and was shot in both legs right in the downtown Basseterre around 11am.

    16-30 June 2011

    16 June: Another drive-by shooting in Newtown, at about 10:15pm, although this time no one was hurt. 17 June: Leroy "Jackie" Hanley (39), of Shadwell Estates, was shot multiple times in his own bed in the a.m. by an unknown assailant; 22 June: At about 11:20pm, a guy took a wild shot at some people standing around in St. Johnson Village and than ran into Springfield cemetery.

    Tuesday, 14 June 2011

    I have sketchy details of a break-in and attempted rape of 3 female university students some time earlier this week or over the weekend in the Frigate Bay area. It took the cops 45 minutes to arrive. I'm trying to get more details of this rumor, and will update as I get to the source of this info. UPDATE:

    Saturday, 30 May-4 June 2011

    [MiyVue/SKNVibes]: 5 shootings in 6 days , including one in Charlestown, Nevis. Jeez.  May 30th: Adrian ‘Mac 1’ Stringette (20) of Neverson Street East, Newtown was shot while at a public pipe at the junction of James Street and Manchester Avenue in Newtown around 9am; June 1: 27-year-old David ‘Dibaloo’ Thomas of Buckley’s Estate was shot in both legs in the vicinity of the railway in that community around 7:30pm; June 3: Kurt Lucas (21) of Ponds Extension, Newtown and 22-year-old Kenville Finch of Phillip Street, Ponds Pasture, Newtown were shot in the vicinity of Mad House Alley in Newtown about 6:30pm, while Travis Bryant (31) of Brick Kiln Village got shot in Charlestown, Nevis after midnight; June 4: Damian Weekes of Molineux Street, Pond’s Pasture Newtown was shot around 12 noon near to a garbage bin to the front of his residence and 4 hours prior to that Jermaine Wilkinson was shot in Connell Street, McKnight.

    Saturday, 21 May 2011

    A couple of British tourists were robbed near The Strip as they made their way back to the Marriott. Two thugs knocked the couple down and grabbed the woman's purse and took other valuables, like a watch, as well. Some of our friends just happened to be there and went after the crooks, getting some of the stuff back and forcing the criminals into hiding in nearby bushes. The cops, who have an office 5 minutes away, arrived 20 minutes after the initial call and then sat in their car while everyone pointed to where the thugs were. The cops said they'd just rather write up the report and let the a-holes get away. Sigh. Rumor has it that a camera team covering the Pakistani cricket players were also attacked in the same area on Thursday night. Apparently, there was another mugging last Thursday near the Shiggidy Shack as well, but I don't have details on that one. Watch yourself down there everyone!

    Sunday, 15 May 2011

    Well, there was quite a pleasant lull in the crime for a bit. I think the heat might have kept the criminals inside, but with cooler temps, they're back at it. At 10pm, a couple of people were sitting in an Omnibus in Frigate Bay when they were robbed of some belongings and the bus itself. If that wasn't enough, the stolen bus was involved in a shooting 10 minutes later in McNight (no one was hit). The bus has been recovered.

    Friday, 29 April 2011

    On Friday morning (29th) a home was robbed in the Frigate Bay area (across from the French restaurant). The home owner was out walking their dog and another person in the home, and later the dog, chased the intruder (by foot and car), and brought him by machete to the police station. Friday night, a home in Half Moon was robbed while the homeowner was out.

    [SKNVibes]: Michael ‘Bobsy’ Hawley of Half Moon Bay was driving his minivan up Fort Street and, while parked in traffic with his windows down, he was attacked by Rueben ‘Chalk’ Foster of Boyd’s Village with a hammer. Glenford Gumbs of Frigate Bay, who was behind the minivan in a vehicle, went to Hawley’s rescue, drew his licensed firearm and shot Foster in his upper left leg. Foster was transported by the EMS to the JNF Hospital where he underwent emergency medical treatment.

    Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday, 25-27 April 2011

    So there has been at least one crime committed every day for the past 5 days, some reported, some not.  On the 25th, neighbors in a house in Bird Rock were robbed (the 2nd in the area in 10 days).   [SKNVibes] On Tuesday (26th),  two women were robbed in a home in Half Moon Heights/Conaree, one of them was also raped sometime after 9pm. Two masked gunmen were involved in the crimes. To add insult to injury, the assaulted woman's car was stolen. [UPDATE: On 6 May, 2 men were arrested in connection with this crime]. [MiyVue]: On Wednesday (27th) around 2am, the Island Bakery was robbed. Luckily no employees were on premises and an alarm kept theft to a minimum. The business has been robbed several times.[Update: An unidentified man was taken into custody for this crime]. [SKNVibes]: Also on Wednesday around noon, a young man had parked his bicycle on Fort Street and was about to enter a business place when two other young men, one armed with a cutlass, attacked him. The cyclist escaped their wrath by running into the building between Heyliger Jewellers and Pharmcarre and was rescued by his mother, who operates a small business there. Members of the Special Services Unit and officers from the Basseterre Police Station quickly arrived on the scene. Once there they witnessed one of the attackers trying to make his way into the building in pursuit of the cyclist. An officer fired a single warning shot which caused the the attacker to stop and lie on the ground.

    Saturday, 16 April 2011

    At about 1:30am, a family was robbed as they slept in their Bird Rock area home. The intruder(s) used a ladder from a nearby construction site to climb into a kitchen window. They then stole any electronics and cash laying around before leaving via a sliding glass door and setting off the alarm, alerting the family to the intrusion.

    Wednesday, 13 April 2011

    [SKNVibes]:  A man from Conaree came home to find 2 uninvited guests in his bedroom at around 3:45pm. They were busy collecting items that didn't belong to them. The home owner ended up shooting one of the thieves in the leg and keeping them in the house until the police came and arrested them.

    [SKNVibes]:  Spergian’s Phone Shop, located in the Walls building at the junction of Fort and Princes Streets, was broken into sometime before 8:15a.m. Over 50 cell phones were taken, including a number of BlackBerrys which cost the owner over EC$20,000. The crook(s) disabled the alarm and turned the camera backwards and entered through a window. According to the distraught owner, "They took all the phones out of the showcase. I had like 20 new phones there, BlackBerrys and phones I had repaired for people. I just want the phones back. It’s going to be hard to tell people when they come into the store asking about their phones, ‘Sorry, but I have to make an arrangement where I’ll have to pay you back for your phone’."

    [SKNList]: Two men (18 & 26) were shot in Conaree around 8:15pm after a "young" man attacked a number of people. One of the wounded was treated and released, the other was hospitalized. Two persons of interest were in custody. I spoke to someone who lives in the neighborhood and he said that he was hunkered down in his house when he heard several shots fired and then another volley of shots soon after, further down the street.

    Friday, 8 April 2011

    [SKNVibes]: Donnie Isaac (33) of Conaree was shot multiple times to the body while walking on a road around 9:25pm in in the vicinity of the Conaree Community Centre. Last check he was in serious but stable condition at the hospital.

    Friday, 1 April 2011

    [SKNiNews.com]: The Love Sponge Snackette in Newton Ground was robbed at gunpoint by two masked men who entered Kelvin Bradshaw's business establishment at about 10.30 p.m. "They were suit down, had on masks, gloves, and appeared to have on bulletproof vests,” said the owner. “They beat me with the gun, demanding more money even though they took the cash pan, took my girl friend’s bag, my money, my phone.  They took away phones from a lady and a gentleman who were outside.  I told them that I did not have any more money to give them so they eventually left,” Bradshaw added.

    Tuesday, 29 March 2011
    [WinnFM]:  While the occupants were out at an event, their bungalows were burglarized down at the Christophe Harbour peninsula property. Lots of electronics were taken and whisked away in a rental vehicle also stolen from an unlucky guest. The car was later discovered in Cayon (just like the last time folks were robbed and relieved of their vehicle down there in July 2010). Security has been bumped up over the past few months and will obviously be revisited.
    Saturday, 26 March 2011

    [SKNVibes]:  The police commissioner's wife (no less) had her purse snatched in downtown Basseterre after 9pm. She was unhurt but now missing some $, a cell phone, and other personal goodies.

    Sunday, 20 March 2011
    [SKNVibes]: Ross University Professor Bernard Grevemeyer was robbed and shot at by a masked gunman while in his Half Moon Heights Apartment. He was reading in his bedroom with the door open, when the robber entered, tied the him up, and demanded his money. While the gunman was rummaging around, the professor got loose and hit him over the head with a wood board. He apparently didn't hit the a-hole hard enough and ended up being shot at, but luckily the gunman missed and didn't try again before making his escape.
    Saturday, 19 March 2011
    [SKNTimes] (Facebook Page): The Carib Breweries Depot (near IGA) was robbed Saturday afternoon at  around 4pm. Two masked, armed gunmen entered the depot and robbed the cashier of a large sum of money, then made their escape.  No one was physically injured during the incident.
    Thursday, 10 March 2011
    [SKNVibes]: Two bandits executed a daring mid-afternoon  robbery at the CyberLink Internet Café and Mini Mart in Port Zante, which left the owner with an empty coffer and a traumatised employee around 2:13 p.m. Two unmasked young men entered the café under the pretext of purchasing an item. Both of them went to the rear of the café where a male employee was working, and the taller of the two whipped out a handgun and demanded he handed over all the cash.  The employee complied and was forced to also hand over an undisclosed quantity of gold as well as a gold bracelet he was wearing.
    Sunday, 2 March 2011
    [SKNVibes]:  A couple who own a timeshare at the Marriott and have been coming to the island for years were robbed at gunpoint as they made their way back to the Marriott after having dinner at Kathy's on the Strip. During the robbery “a gun was placed to the man’s head and his wife was manhandled a bit.”
    Friday, 25 February 2011
    [SKNVibes]: Two Ross University students were involved in a carjacking. While they were pulling out of their parking space at Kathy’s around mid-night, a guy wearing a bandana on his face reached through the window and pulled the driver out of the car.  “He then drove off with the other girl still in the car. However, she put up a gigantic fight and managed to kick him in the head and face multiple times. By the time they got to the roundabout by Buddies, she had managed to keep slipping the car into neutral,” the source said.  The source further stated that the vehicle had stopped in the vicinity of Buddies Bar and Grill and “all the while she kept kicking him and screaming. Some ‘Rossies’ were nearby…they heard the screams and managed to get her out of the car, but the guy drove off and got away.” Ross security later found the car abandoned.
    Thursday, 10 February 2011
    [SKNVibes]: The Star Chinese Restaurant on West Independence Square Street was robbed of over EC $2,000 in cash and cellular phone cards at about 7:55 p.m.  Manager of the restaurant Weixin Zheng said a masked man entered the restaurant, pointed a gun at him and his employees and demanded money from them. He explained that the man robbed his employees of three cellular phones, took EC$1 000 in cash from the restaurant and the same amount in phone cards.
    Saturday, 22 January 2011
    [SKNVibes]:  Bandits shot a passenger bus driver in his face during a robbery at the Dollar Stretcher Supermarket at Bourkes Road, Sandy Point around 8:45 p.m. Vincent ‘Saga’ Jarvis was shopping in the supermarket, when two armed, masked men entered the building, shot him on the right side of his face and robbed the entity of a large sum of money. The one with the pistol collected all the money from the cash register. He also took away the cash pan and the other one took the bag that Saga had with all the money he made that day. They spent about seven to 10 minutes before exiting the supermarket. Saga was shot because he didn't "get down" when ordered to. Cops did get involved and even shot at the guys, but it's possible the robbers had on bullet proof vests.

    Police statistics show a two percent increase in crime in 2010 compared to the previous year. However, low detection rates remain a cause for concern.

    According to the statistics, in 2010 criminal incidents totaled 2243 - 1877 in St. Kitts and 366 in Nevis- an increase of 48 compared to the 2195
    incidents that were reported in 2009- 1862 in St. Kitts and 333 in Nevis. Juveniles were involved in 52 of the crimes committed in 2009 compared to 56 in 2010.

    Only one case of manslaughter which was committed by a juvenile was reported for 2010. None was reported for the previous year. In 2009 there were 21incidents of attempted murder and 19 incidents of shooting at with intent, compared to 20 and 14 respectively last year.

    There was a noted decrease in murders in 2010, falling to 20 from a record-high of 27 in 2009. The statisticss also revealed a decrease in larcenies and robberies, from 553 in 2009 to 533 in 2010 and 108 compared to 87, respectively. While firearm and drug crimes decreased from 294 in 2009 to 254 in 2010, the incidence of malicious damage/arson increased by 12 percent, rising from 193 in 2009 to 217 last year.

    Breaking incidents also increased, rising 13 percent in 2010 compared to 711 reported in 2009. There were two fewer wounding (including firearm-related) incidents during the comparative period (139 in 2010).

    While there were five less incidents of unlawful carnal knowledge reported in 2010 (18 compared with 23 in 2009), buggery increased by 300 percent, rising from one such incident reported in 2009 to three last year.

    There was a slight decrease in the number of reported rape cases, dropping from 16 to 15 in 2010. Indecent assault on females totaled 17 in 2009 and 23 the following year, while the number of incest cases doubled from one to two for the respective years.

    In the area of white collar crimes, there were nine cases of false pretenses, 10 cases of obtaining credit by fraud, and a single case each of fraudulent conversion and impersonation in 2010 compared to 6 for false pretense and seve for obtaining credit by fraud along with two cases of embezzlement in 2009.

    Drug-related crimes totaled 223 last year - 157 cases of possession, 49 cases of possession with intent to supply and 17 cases of cultivation, all for "controlled drugs". This was a decrease from the previous year's total of 206 such incidents- 177, 62, and 21 cases respectively.

    The ability to solve crimes remains a source of concern for Deputy Commissioner Stafford Liburd and the rest of the Police High Command. In 2009 police detected 714 of the 2195 crimes (32.5 percent detection rate) with St. Kitts having a 31.7 percent detection rate and Nevis 36.9 percent. At 29.7 percent, 2010 saw a dip in the overall crime detection rate in the Federation. Nevis' detection improved to 45.6 percent while St. Kitts' rate fell to 26.6 percent.

    "I'm very satisfied with the Nevis end and I wish to congratulate the officers over there for their efforts, even though some of their successes have come as a result of collaboration with their counterparts in St. Kitts," Mr. Liburd told The Observer. "In terms of the St. Christopher division, certainly the High Command is not happy with the detection rate."

    DCP Liburd said in order to improve crime detection much more training was needed for officers, as was continuous encouragement of the public to report any incident of crime and give witness statements. The Nevis populace had been more cooperative with police there, he said, which contributed heavily to the higher detection rate.

    "The public in Nevis is far more forthcoming when it comes to giving information to the police and we need to encourage that more here in St. Kitts," he told this media house.

    Professionalism is another area that DCP Liburd feels is in need of improvement if the police force is to be more successful, not only in detecting crime but also regards its prevention.

    "We must improve our professionalism, especially when we arrive at crime scenes and we've had training in that area recently," he said. "We must also be more professional in our approach to the public in order to solicit their cooperation in solving crimes. I believe that sometimes the public fails to cooperate with us as a result of some unprofessional behavior."

    The senior law enforcement official said as it relates to processing crime scenes and preserving items of evidential value, there has been a marked improvement. He said there had even been commendation from outside agencies in this regard.

    "When we've had persons come into this country or we've had to send exhibits overseas for forensic analysis we've received compliments for how we've preserved certain crime scenes. I am convinced that the officers are aware and they do have the knowledge but certainly we need to improve," he declared.

    Liburd appealed to the public to continue to cooperate with police and report all crimes they witness even if they were not perpetrated against them personally.

    "If you see someone go into a neighbor's yard and steal something, let the police know, even if you have familial or friendship ties to the culprit," he said. "If you alert the police at once it improves the chances of that criminal being caught. If you at least point police in the right direction in terms of giving the culprit's name or any other information then the police would know where to look and who they might be looking for."



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