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    Posted July 21, 2011 by
    Logansport, Indiana

    Murder for Hire Guilty or Not?...You Decide


    Thomas M. Pasquale (formerly Thomas M. Martin) of Logansport IN. evades charges for Solicitation and Conspiracy to commit the act of Murder, as a result the Ex-wife and children continue to live in fear.  The attached audio x3 are actual recordings obtained by the Logansport Police Department.   The LPD Chief of Police A.J. Rozzi maintained that there was "more than sufficient evidence" to convict but the Prosecutor Kevin Enyeart decided NOT to file charges.  The Perpetrator of this crime was clearly guilty, in addition to this had a history of domestic violent behavior including choking and biting wife on the face which resulted in a Class A Misdemeanor charge and  No Contact order 3 years prior.  During interrogation of the Perpetrator states "I don't know how to get out of this mess because a divorce you know...she doesn't deserve half" (hence motive).  When asked if he had ever threatened her he responded "I threatened to bury her in the backyard."  Pasquale was owner of the Boardwalk Cafe which had been losing money until the year prior... greed got the best of him.  He did not want to pay support for 3 children or divide assets.  Wife had a Life Insurance policy worth 1.5 years her salary of which Pasquale was beneficiary. Pasquale met with informant on 4 occasions to discuss Murder for Hire (3 of which were taped).  He devised a plan as to where the event should take place, states "make it look like a mugging", indicated Wife's ring was worth $7,000 and to take whatever is in her purse (as payment).  This was not just an idea, he did not back out, his intent was to proceed with this "in a year or two".  There is factual/tangible evidence obtained by the LPD.  This was not just a thought and/or hearsay as the Prosecutor alleged.  Criminal charges for Class A Felony should have been issued, justice was clearly not served in this case due to Obstruction of Justice via Prosecutor Kevin Enyeart.  Pasquale continued to violate Order of Protection, Enyeart conveniently recused himself claiming conflict of interest (after the fact).  A complaint was filed (by Ex-wife) with the Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission to take action against the Prosecutor.  The same week this was filed Judge Thomas Perrone (assigned to civil matters regarding child support, moving out of state, quit claim deed on marital residence, etc.) recused himself claiming conflict of interest as well.  Wife received a letter from the Supreme Court Disciplinary commission stating that the Prosecuting Attorney is elected to exercise his/her discretion on behalf of the State of Indiana concerning which criminal charges to file and which not.  The propriety of the exercise of that discretion is ultimately a political question to which the PA is accountable to the electorate.  Their office has no jurisdiction or authority to review the PA's exercise of the very discretion that was entrusted to him/her by the voters.  In otherwords, he answers to nobody?  When SCDC was contacted via the phone, Attorney Dennis McKinney suggested that Ex-wife vote next election for someone else.  Pasquale continued to violate order of protection; he threatened to burn down Ex-Wife's residence (with her inside), fraudulent charges were made on her phone bill and credit card, online mortgage account username/passwords were changed, interference with daycare/picking up children from school was occuring, false allegations of abuse reported to CPS on numerous occasions, etc..  Pasquale initially denied allegations of burning down the home then later plead guilty to receive a lesser charge for which he received only 6 months probation. Ex-wife filed a petition to move out of state with the children as she was granted full legal and physical custody in the divorce and had sustained continual harassment by her Ex.  Pasquale in turn filed for custody of the children alleging that Ex- wife is the abuser.  As a result of him not being sent to Prison, these are the repercussions the family has to deal with.  Judge Goff of Wabash County who denied extension of an Order of Protection that had been recently violated via death threat, gave custody of the 3 minor children to the Perpetrator.  He then decided to have the Sheriff Police remove the children from her home and court ordered she have a psychological evaluation indicating she "cannot let the murder for hire incident go".  The psych eval was completed by a Psychiatrist with 30+years experience, it was provided to the courts indicating there was no diagnosis incurred and stated she should be allowed to visit the children out of state which was initially denied until the eval was completed.  Judge Goff refused to modify parenting time and indicated there is "no admissible evidence to show the court that unrestricted parenting time with her minor children would not be detrimental to them".  The perpetrator of violence with documented lengthy history of same was given custody even though he was serving probation for violation of the protective order, the judge insinuates that wife is the problem (without any admissable evidence) and refuses her right to visitation out of state.  There is no way any of this can be legal. This situation has been a complete ongoing nightmare.  The Prosecutors vehicle was pulled over for a moving violation months ago, the vehicle was searched and contained 2gm of Methamphetamine per the Pharos Tribune (published on 10-6-11).  To public knowledge there has never been any investigation and/or charges brought against anyone involved with this crime.


    UPDATE: As of March 7, 2013 Sandy Pasquale has Court ordered unwarranted SUPERVISED VISITATION at the request of the perpetrator.


    UPDATE: Appeal was filed with the Appellate Court of Indiana which was affirmed on February 3, 2014.  Petition to Transfer to the Indiana Supreme Court was DENIED.


    UPDATE: Writ of Certiorari was filed with the United States Supreme Court which was DENIED on November 3, 2014.


    This is the most egregious example of so-called "Justice" ever seen, living proof that the Good Ole' Boy's Network truly does exist.  Exposure of the truth can be a real eye opener, do the community a favor and hit the SHARE button.       

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