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    Posted July 29, 2011 by
    phoenix, Arizona

    Dejuan Donaldson


    My son was arrested around May 4, 11, 2011 as being the serial rapist in south phoenix arizona. I am here to tell you that Dejuan Donaldson is innocent. first the moment that we moved into that area he was being harrased, stopped for no reason, having is pictures taking, they were taking clothes from out of his back pack, chewing gum out of his mouth, and this was before any of these attacks on these females had occured. They came to my house with a warrant for his DNA, no warrent was ever givin to me or him at that time, they gave him the warrant when he left the police station because the warrant said that they could only hold him for 3 hours. he was put in one room and swabed, then put into another room and was swabbed, after being questioned by the detectives, they turned him toward the wall, they made threats on his life told him that he could be walking home from work one day and go missing, they could put him in the trunk of there car blow his head of, said that he would never see his mother again. At the time of his arrest, we were told that the DNA that they took from him only a week ago came back a positive match from him, I just found out that the DNA just came back 2 weeks ago, they had no probable cause to arrest him, claimed we lived in one area then to the next where a crime took place across the street ( mind you they said that they was watching us for 6 months if you had been watching us for 6 months how did you not see my son commit these crimes, thats because it's bull the south phoenix police department is under invetigation for many, many false cases, even against there own. they told my son that they were a brotherhood and they stick together said they have done this before and gotten away with it. I fear my life and for my other childrens lives they harrase us have all my phone taps , anyone tht i call they tap there phone. my youngest son a a hghly functioning form of aspergers disease, my husbnd just bought him a cell phone, 3 days after he had the cell phone they tapped his phone, mind you, they already have my oldest son in jail. my son is being framed, they told him they were going to frame him because he didnt have any warrants, no arrest record and something that they call no hits. they have followed andharrased me to the point thti had to move out of the phoenix jurisdiction, they would roll down there windows and call us niggers, put there middle finger up at us,  they tried to fram another man known as the baseline rapest, went to trial claimed his DNA matched gave him 300 years in prison, just a few weeks the real baseline killer turned hisself  in, how could that be if the detectives and the prosecutors clained to have his DNA and it matched???? they framed him knowling that there was still a rapist out there. luckyily, the real rapist turned hisself in becasue the person who pleaded innocent was realy innocent. they go around framing people for things they didnt do. my son just turned 19 years old he has a fiancee' and a baby on the way, he works 2 jobs we have a decent home yet in still they want to blame my son for this!! our lawyer sees so many inconsistantcies with in hte police report as so do I , the judge signed a warrant for his DNA because the detective told him my son had on blue boxers and sagging paints, just like the rest of the yuong teenagers out there whymy son... they are trying to break up a happy home, a happy family. me and my family eat dinner togther , have family talks and meetings at least once a week, we travel together, we do everything together. I have such a beautiful grounded relationship with all my children, they tell me any and everything good or bad and i'm happy tht they can come to me and bring any issues up and we talk about. my son is being framed and he shouldn't be locked up awaiting trial for 3 counts of rape. this has gotten to the point where i am afraid to call the police if i need them!!!! right Now i'm afraid for my chilrens lifes as well as my own. somethng has to be done I have to get my sons voice out there thru me so the public can see exactly whats going on and see that hes innocent. I would like for some one fro your office to connect me there is so much more to be told that the media and the piblic don't know about this case and they would be very surprised

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