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    Posted August 23, 2008 by
    Annapolis, Maryland
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    Obama selects Biden

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    Have we been had?



    Since 2004, Barack Obama has existed on the national stage as an enigma--he has taken the human form of America's frustration with old, embittered Washington politics. While he rarely dabbles in specifics, his speeches about hope and idealism have finally given voters reason to believe that a vote for Obama is actually a vote for real change.



    The greatest charge against John McCain has been that he has been in Washington too long to make a difference in the White House. With the addition of Senator Joe Biden, the Obama campaign can no longer make this charge.



    The Obama campaign may have let down the American people with this selection. Have we been had? How can this be an election about change and the transformational power of the Democratic Party with one of the longest-serving US Senators on the ticket? The promises of an Obama-Sebelius/Edwards/Bayh/Kaine/even CLINTON ticket were fresh and new and exciting.



    With this selection, Obama is conceding that he will not be winning over many of Hillary Clinton's primary supporters. In his VP choice, Obama implicitly endorsed the notion that America is not ready for a woman in the White House after having the opportunity to choose either Clinton or Gov. Sebelius of Kansas. Instead, Obama chose Biden, whose racial gaffes and McCain-esque attacks on the Democratic nominee will prove easy kindling for the Republican fire.



    The Obama campaign took the next two and a half months worth of excitement and turned them into the same drudgingly boring race that we have been watching since the middle of 2007. Perhaps the greatest problem with his vice-presidential selection is that we all know Joe Biden, and we've written him off after several failed attempts at the presidency. All that Obama has managed to do with this pick is alert the world that John McCain is right--he does have a glaring weakness in foreign policy.



    We all must watch how the states of Indiana and Virginia take this news. Sen. Evan Bayh was an early favorite for the position, and now his home state of Indiana is almost certainly going to stay red in November.



    As with everything in American politics, only time will tell. Joe Biden will undoubtedly spend much of his time trudging through his past--an easy target considering his tenure in the Senate.



    What happened to "Yes We Can?" Let us hope that the change Barack Obama continues to tout is still something we can believe in.



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