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    Bistrita, Romania, Romania

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    HORROR in The City Pound of Bistrita, Romania


    For how long will ROMANIA treat animals like trash?

    For how long will elected officials starve to death, KILL stray dogs in the municipal shelter with total IMPUNITY, when Romanian Laws  IN FORCE for the Protection of Animals is supposed to PUNISH these crimes? For how long will the JUSTICE system in Romania take the side of the trespassers of their own country's LAWS ?

    Look at these poor martyrs of Romanian barbaric acts of cruelty , and YET there ARE laws which should protect them, BUT nobody APPLIES THEM IN ROMANIA...

    Please, express your selves, write to the Romanian embassy in your country, write to the Mayor of this town

    Mr. OVIDIU TEODOR CRETU....( primaria[at]primariabistrita.ro ) and let him know that what he tolerates  is inacceptale for a country member of the EU, because YES, dear readers Romania IS a member of the EU...YET they do not apply even their own laws, let alone the European and Internationla BASIC requirements for the wel being of animals...YET, all town halls have funds from the government for this matters...where do they go these funds?....because as you can see....not to the animals...

    And one more thing...citites pound are LOCKED...yes LOCKED....public access is DENIED....they are kept locked to hide the crimes committed there under the "watchfull" eyes of the mayors, the police, the national Sanitary Veterinary authority...YES, these crimes are commiteed with blessings from the government...

    There is a goggle album for everybody to see :


    Thank you all very much, and please lend your voice for these innocent creatures, whose ONLY "crime" is to have been born in Romania....Contact your media, the Romanian embassies, anybody who might help STOP THE HELL imposed on animals in Romania....

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