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    Posted August 6, 2011 by
    Peoria, Arizona

    Big Gaming company Kabam abuses 1.9 million gamers.

    Due to a gifting glitch in their Kingdoms of Camelot game that some people took advantage Kabam has sent this message saying they are going to charge players credit card or pay pal accounts without permission. This is unacceptable and unbeleivable!! Here is the message that all players have received.

    From:  Kingdoms Of Camelot Subject: Gifting Issue Date: August 5, 4:35 PM Dear  Kingdoms of Camelot player, First, thank you all for bearing with us  with game performance during the recent sending gift issue in Kingdoms  of Camelot. We released more fixes today, we wanted to take a second  also to recap the changes we made over the past day and preview what we  will be working on in the coming days. Issue Recap and Fixes Yesterday  we released the new guardian buildings to of players in KofC. After  monitoring the release for day, we saw no issues. In the first 24 hours,  of the new gifting system almost a five million gifts were giving out  across all worlds. Unfortunately, the spurt in activity it pushed our  system infrastructure over the edge. Shortly after release, we saw major  performance issues that resulted in many players unable to log-in and  send marches. We identified a few slow queries and player chat as the  main culprits causing the spread of this vulnerability to other players  and worlds. Over the next few days, we implemented a series of auditing  to players items in their inventory. After studying the results of these  changes, we will be charging the small minority of players their PayPal  accounts and credit card information on record for all gifts that  abused the new gifting system. Thanks to our loyal supporters who  continue to help us in our endeavors to improve game performance.  Remember you can also get some self-help in the Kingdoms of Camelot  Forums Kingdoms of Camelot Forums Thanks for playing! The Kingdoms of  Camelot Team.

    Not every player took advantage of this glitch and Kabam developers also took items that were paid for in the game by millions of people. So, not only were items bought and paid for but then taken away, now they are going to charge peoples accounts without permission. Isn't that illegal. Millions of people play this game all over the world and this will create a major crisis internationally.   



    Facebook hosts many gaming companies, one of the biggest making millions in revenue is KABAM!

    I  am a very active within Facebook and stumbled upon this game  application by Kabam called Kingdoms of Camelot, i have been playing  this game for just under a year; i must say i have met a lot of great  people through it as well as some people that should stay locked inside  it! Yesterday some unfortunate events happened for Kingdoms of Camelot. Due to Kabams lack of investment in their security, a series of  purchasable as well as winnable gifts were sent throughout all domains  between thousands of players which would normally not be available to  the general public, meaning the gamers of KofC that do not pay to play! Most of these gifts are available by purchasing gems through Facebooks credit program. Due to Kabams ignorance many players now being "KABAMED" meaning that  weather they have paid to play or just earned their rewards from  friends, spending many hours clicking different game options, training  and building in tournaments or picking a "Merlins Chest" to receive a  gift are now being taken back and then some! This game has many different gifts to be purchased, won, earned or gifted. I am an active player in 3 domains within this game and have come very  involved in many aspects of it, now due to what i will call kabams  security issues, an extreme percentage of the games players including  myself are now being raped of what they have worked so hard to earn! I could only imagine the scale of money the people that pay to play  have lost because of Kabams ignorance not to mention the monetary value  of the gifts that the people that do not pay to play have lost? Kabam seems to care more about their personal gains than their own security and our right to fair game play. Kabam has failed to investigate before their theft upon the people that  have brought them to where they are now, instead they have just cleaned  the majority of players paid gifts, earned gifts as well as many other  items they have no right in touching! This game is full of many errors and glitches, and when you report  them, a lot of times they will tell you it’s a "beta" version and it’s  to be expected, well if this is the case in my opinion no one should be  paying for anything until it can be secured, obviously it’s not! The  millions of dollars this company makes and it cannot admit to its own  security flaws and chooses to penalize its players for it? Not much more to say about this application...other than good job  Facebook for pickin up another great partner in the race to dominate  all! I recently bought some  gems to get a couple upgrades that i was excited to get, and won a prize  in one of their recent tournaments, guess were my purchases went? if  you find out can you please tell me! Needless to say that will be my last purchase in support of a company that punishes other for their own inadequacies. Keep up the fine work Kabam!

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