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    Apes Rise To The Top For A Great Sci Fi Classic!


    Special Note! Stay to the end credits for the awesome surprise at the finish! (Some people at our show left - thinking the movie was over)...


    This is not only one of the best films of the summer, it also is one of the best movies of the year. WETA Digital uses some of the same technology developed for 'Avatar' to bring these incredible life - like chimpanzees to the big screen. No real animals were used in this picture, a first for the industry. There are no actors in 'Ape' suits either - but real actors are used with this new technique - the Apes seem so real!


    James Franco is excellent as a San Francisco based  scientist trying to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease, but he has personal reason to rush past the serious possible side effects of the new drug - he father is dying and needs help quickly. Freida Pinto plays his animal researching love interest, and the two of them have excellent chemistry.


    This is a prequel that explains how the Apes 'reclaimed' planet earth. This is plenty of humor and satire that revolves around the original films, with the original classic line from Charlton Heston ('Get your hands off me you dirty ape') is re-used, along with other science fiction nods to the past.


    The film makers also take up the issues of animal cruelty, potential genetic and biologic cures for man's worst diseases, and 'the evils and greed' of the corporate world.


    Be careful if you are bringing small children - the movie is disturbing, and the Apes do become violent. With most younger kids, the plot will go right over their heads. 


    This film is actually the best in the entire series dating from 1968 for 20th Century Fox. Wow, we absolutely loved it!


    Grade: A +

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