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    Posted August 12, 2011 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Rioting in London

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    Un-United Kingdom PM Cameron's Policies Are to Blame for Riots- Not Social Media


    David Cameron is looking to kill the messenger- FaceBook and Twitter and maybe a few Brit's if they make him.


    He's blaming social media for the riots in his country...and the lack of cops and the cops that still have jobs, not acting fast enough...and ..and...but not himself. No.


    Who laid off the cops?


    And the ones still working? How do they feel about David Cameron?


    Cameron believes it's everyone else's fault..but not his..not his austerity programs..no.


    He's just doing what's best for "his country". He's just misunderstood. Stiff upper lip, and all. That's what's needed now. Not jobs..not Social programs for the needy.


    Many in his country don't agree that his austerity is "good for their country".  He believes they need to shut up.


    The disenfranchised's country is different than the country David Cameron sees while he's on vacation in Italy.


    So what's the message that people are sending on FaceBook and Twitter that's bringing them out in the streets?


    American's cheered Egyptians using Social media outlets, like FaceBook, and Twitter to co-ordinate the revolution that freed their people. Is anyone cheering the Brits?




    Maybe the British middle class will find social media useful instruments to throw off the chains of Cameron's conservative tyranny as well.


    Prime Minister Cameron wants to shut them down in the United Kingdom. He says FaceBook and Twitter were responsible for escalating the riots.


    He has a meeting scheduled with these companies. It's for the "good of the country".


    Cameron's been good at stripping the working class of their wealth and needed programs but helps to preserve the wealthy's fortunes.


    He claims that these riots are criminal and that "No stone will be left unturned" to find and prosecute those responsible.


    Again, where's that mirror conservatives conveniently misplace when guilt is being assigned?


    Conservatives seem to share an ideology whether it's in the United Kingdom or the United States- more for the job creators..less for the poor.


    And speaking of the poor, Dickens was from England, wasn't he? Seems appropriate to ask, "Are there no prisons..are there no workhouses?"


    That's exactly where Cameron plans to put these homeless and jobless "rioters" should he find them.


    Do they waterboard in the United Kingdom? Maybe they could get to the bottom of this more quickly by circumventing just a few basic protection..to find whose responsible. After all, this is a crisis.


    More like a crisis of believability on Cameron's part.


    British Prime Minister Faces Questioning in House of Commons Over Rioting


    "When Prime Minister David Cameron faced an emergency session of the House of Commons on Thursday to account for his government’s handling of some of Britain’s darkest days since World War II, he was, in a sense, a man on trial.


    Mr. Cameron was already battered by a series of revelations in the phone hacking scandal that cast doubt on his judgment in hiring as his spokesman a former tabloid editor now arrested on suspicion of hacking.


    The scandal exposed close and collusive relationships between Britain’s political elite, the police and the news media.


    "And as rampages swept through at least 20 of Britain’s biggest cities and towns that the police were unable to control for days, Mr. Cameron delayed his return from vacation in a luxury villa in Tuscany."

    Full story at:



    The House of Commons wanted to know why there were too few police and why the police they had available waited so long to react.


    Too few police? Would that have anything to do with the cuts and austerity budget that Cameron has implemented. Sounding familiar?


    Mr. Cameron spoke of government authorization for the police to use plastic bullets, water cannons and curfews.


    He also spoke of contingency plans for the army to step in to take over some police functions, including guarding public buildings, to free up police officers for riot detail.


    More controversially,Mr. Cameron said the government was working on measures that would stop rioters from using social media — Twitter, Facebook and BlackBerry Messenger, principally — to coordinate and direct their “horrific actions.”


    Borrowing a leaf from authoritarian governments that Britain has been quick to criticize in the past for similar measures —


    China, Egypt and Libya, among others — he said his government had concluded that “it would be right to stop people communicating via these Web sites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality.”


    Free-speech groups said restrictions on the use of social media or smart phones would be difficult to enforce and could violate basic freedoms.




    So when has that stopped someone like Cameron or Bush or Mubarak from attempting to silence those voices that oppose them. Seems Cameron is in good company.


    Prime Minister Cameron points the finger at everyone he feels allowed these riots to happen, while never once stopping to look in that mirror at the man that is responsible.


    Who is accountable? Maybe the British people will Twitter their response...


    Not a surprise.

    Conservative rulers often have difficulty accepting responsibility as was the case here in the United States with those that still support Bush.





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