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    Posted August 12, 2011 by
    st.albans, United Kingdom
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    Rioting in London

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    Hi there                                          

    Yesterday you asked my opinion about current situation in UK.I would like to tell my story when I lived and worked in UK and then you can judge what kind of country it is. I had live in UK for three years. I saw how they exploit emigrants. I lived in St.Albans (1 Thirlmere Drive,AL1 5QS) and worked in The Bread Roll Company at Lyon Way. The company paid me minimum wage for picking, a heavy physical job. "Thanks" to this job and lack of training I got hernia. The company knew about my hernia and pain that I suffer from but it kept me at the same position for another four months until I had operation. After operation it paid me no compensation but threat to fire me.

    In Jan/6/2011 I went to Home Office, Croydon and claimed for asylum. They arrested me and sent to Harmondsworth Detention Centre near the Heathrow airport .They had to give me solicitor before interrogation so called interview. But there was no solicitor for me except a young boy who just presented in the room during interrogation. My case owner Holly Lewis laughed at me and story of my pains. Then she botched my case up and humiliated and pissed me off. She promised to send me back to Iran and not to disclose my case in front of Iranian authorities. But they hand me over to plane and the pilot to Iranian authorities. Here in Iran the officials had banded my passport for three months.

    I am going to say that UK border agency (Holly Lewis) put my life at risk.

    During detention I found out their refugee determination system is built up so that just criminals can pass otherwise honest claimant will fail. Those criminals who have relatives and experienced solicitors make an orchestrated scenario   and deceive them but normal refugee who seeks shelter and needs protection cannot find any help.

    When they are granted refugee status UK border agency stop to protect them so these people have to work for minimum wage (cheapest labor in UK) as modern slaves .These slaves like me have no paid holyday , no extra money for weekend or night time .Isn't  it discrimination and exploitation?

    At the end of the last year (2010) UK officially announced that Multicultural society failed .This means they believe that non European people cannot learn, cannot be educated or cannot change. But indeed the level of unemployment in this country is high and they want to get rid of non European emigrants.

    That's why nowadays emigrants oppose the UK government and attack the police.

    Now I am in Iran and try to publish my experience and memories about UK.


    Mr Saeid Rahmati Govari

    13 Omranipoor Close



    Tehran- Iran


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