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    Posted August 14, 2011 by
    Cardiff, United Kingdom
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    Rioting in London

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       I suggested way back that a tough, no nonesense American cop is what Britain needed to clean the Country up !


      Bill Bratton is America's TOP COP ! He is a cop's cop if you like and has earned the respect of US law enforcement through his efforts and policies.


      The UK has no such person, Britain's self admitted overpaid police chiefs are self centered, aenemic individuals. They would never make seargent in a US police force !  Bratton has single handedly taken on the worst, incorrigible dirtbags on the Planet, merciless, cold blooded, murderers, drug pushers, rapists, armed robbers, gangs and street thugs...and he's beaten them at their own game...through his ZERO TOLERANCE policies and YES they do work !  British police are too polite to the wrong types and the UK judges are a bunch of apologetic, effeminate idiots...parliament should abolish their discretionary powers and replace them with harsh, long sentences and mandatory incarceration laws, then and only then will we see a change in Britain and safer streets!


      I have lived in the UK, Europe, Australia, NZ, Canada,Japan and 25 years in LA and I can tell you LAPD is, withouit a doubt, the World's BEST trained police force and to have the opportunity of their chief to help Britain out is an amazing and terrific idea and opportunity !


      British cops, especially those pansy -like chief constables, who have let rampages and mayhem reign and terrorize the British people, of which I am one, for far too long, had their chances to make Britain a safer, better Island and they blew it, through incompetence, apathy, self interest and corruption,etc. The fact that the Country's two top SCotland yard cops just resigned obviously through fear of prosecution,etc validates this !


      Bratton is the RIGHT choicve for the job, if he can't clean Britain up, no one can ! Now Cameron needs to give him the teeth he needs to bite into the bad guy's and order ALL British cops to be placed under his command, whether they like it or not and I would imagine they are already sniggering about a yank leading them to do what they should have done all along and what they are paid to do and have NOT done.....PROTECT AND SERVE THE BRITISH PEOPLE!


      As a British reporter, broadcaster and critic I donate my valuable time  to the international media at 71 about these matters. Lately Britain has been unfairly and sadly potrayed on the World stage as a nation of hooliganistic, alchohol and drug fueled, promiscuous losers. Most British peopel are NOT like this, I will vouch for that ! The majority in the UK are hard working, family orientated, decent folk who love their Country and want it restored as a pleasant, congenial and charming place to live and visit !


      There does exist a certain, considerable % of people among British society of all races and colors,m through lack of good aprental leaderships, selfishness and derogative peer mingling with guttersnipes and absence  of national pride and patriotism,etc in today's ME generation who are hell bent on dragging the Country down to a third World mess like Somalia or Yemen,etc.....These types need to have their welfare removed and face looooong, harsh punishment to discourage recidivisms and set an example to future annarchistic wannabes ! These folk are NOT law abiding, decent memebers of society and the police, courts and government should NOT show them ANY mercy or leniency whatsoever after the disgraceful and harmful behavior thety have chosen to unleash upon their Country !


      Bill Bratton CAN and  WILL straighten Britain's bad guys out if Cameron and parliament etc give him the freedom and support to finish the job properly, then and only then we may see a DIFFERENT, BETTER AND KINDER kind  of Britain AGAIN !   

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