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    Posted August 15, 2011 by
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    Will you still invest in stock market?

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    Invest at your own risk!


    Every time there is some sort of upheaval in the markets a lot of people will joke about taking their money out of the bank and putting it in a mattress which on the surface seems like a safe bet. Of course upon further analysis the truth is if everyone did indeed take their money and hide it away in their homes the markets would be in even worse shape because no one would have enough courage to take a chance and invest in anything thus causing the entire world economy to collapse. With investing as with most things in life the key is moderation which I realize is something we as Americans seem to be slowly doing away with in much the same way Common Sense has become a rare commodity, but it's not to late.  If you're going to invest do your research and try not to listen to all the Talking Heads who's jobs depend on chaos. Educate yourself about the global market and our nations place in it. I realize it's a cliche but knowledge is really power and a wise investor is better than an ill informed one. Of course if common sense were an actual commodity I would encourage everyone to put everything they own into it because in the long run it's probably the one thing that might save us from ourselves. The again I'm just a Cartoonist so taking investment advice from me is probably not all that wise to begin with. Still if that investment in Common Sense paid off then you would know that already wouldn't you? Invest Wisely My Friends!

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