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    Posted August 15, 2011 by
    Tilbury, Ontario
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    Glitch Bugs reported at TRON: Legacy Adventures Grid in Second Life


    Just last Saturday 2011.08.13-Sa, there has been sightings of Glitch Bugs reported at the TRON: Legacy Adventures Grid in Second Life. The only way to defend them is by using Identity Discs, Matrix Blasters, Tank Arrows, and Recognizer Bombs. Just yesterday, I took some great shots with help of a TRON member (aka Program). The Glitch Bugs can derez you (and tp you home like I did to the ELITE 3000 Second Life Centre Headquarters at Solace Lake) on contact, consume your energy and grow. As of yesterday (2011.08.14-Su), confirmed reports the Glitch Bugs reportedly been replicating if they get enough energy. ISOs, Users and Programs are advised to keep their backups current and have their Identity Discs at the ready. Previously, as a TRON member stated that the Glitch Bugs couldn't eat her while she was riding/sitting on her glider and taunted the Glitched Bugs. As of today (2011.08.15-Mo), The Glitch Bugs has mutated to be able to reach out and eat someone in close proximity, even if sitting in a vehicle, like a Light Tank, Light Cycle, Light Jet or Light Runner, and even non-Tron vehicles like helicopters, army tanks, motorcycles, cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, multi-use vehicles, skycars and planes, even emergnecy vehicles like ambulances, police cruisers and fire trucks from SZYM, Astaro and LMD, even Eightland Vehicles like the Murray and the D2-spec 0.5, demo derby cars, and the 2012 Zapax, 2012 Shark, 2012 Raptor and the 2012 Jaguar built by ELITE 3000.

    UPDATE 2011.08.23-Tu: The Glitch Bugs are now restricted south of the road and cannot go north to the End of Line club, the Disc Arena, the TRON mall and the ISO temple unless the Glitch Bugs are chasing an ISO, Program or User to the safe area, like last weekend as the Glitch Bug chased a Program to the safe area, causing me to teleport out for safety as it was too close for comfort and derezzing Programs, Users and ISOs. Last weekend, a Second Life resident was using a gun that is not TRON-themed to kill the Glitch Bugs as it shoots lasers, not ammo. In the near future, the Glitch Bugs would be mutated to ignore non-TRON theme weapons like guns and hunt them who is responsible.


    UPDATE 2011.08.30-Tu: I received this from Tes Tiramisu from the group notice last weekend:


    The is a Tron Legacy Adventures Grid Wide Alert!


    The Glitch Bugs have continued to evolve.


    Evolutionary Traits:
    * They now can see further
    * Some seem to hunt faster, some slower
    * They will hunt deeper into the Northern Region
    * Level 4 Glitch Bugs have been seen
      (This means ready to replicate on contact)


    Glitch Bug Hunters needed to stem back the tide.
    Are you up to the task Program?

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