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    Posted August 17, 2011 by
    Cardiff, United Kingdom
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    Rioting in London

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      I was born in Wales, my Mother was from London...I guess that makes me about as British as can be. When I grew up in mostly white Britain in the 40's and 50's before my Mother decided to immigrate to Australia, there were few crimes and little violence like we see daily in the UK today.


      There were a few gangs and ruffians like teddy boys as they were called and a handful of nasty crims...but nothing like today's selfish ME generation where millions of British kids have been exposed, through the media, tv, films and music, to ghetto rap garbage,etc and indoctrinated to absolutely the  wrong role models like extremely violent black dirtbags from America's horrible so-called hoods ! These people grow up killing, robbing, beating and raping each other...this is NOT how the parents and grand parents of British families were raised or  desired their children to imitate and grow up like !


      When I was young in the UK people NEVER disrespected or attacked police or assaulted, robbed and murdered old age pensioners or roamed the streets aimlessly looking for any victims they could encounter.....which is happening daily in the UK now ! Not to mention the beatings, stabbings and shootings of everyone else by roving hooliganistic often drunk or drugged  imbeciles !


      Most British folk are decent, respectful, hardworking people. The hooded types and those of all races we saw on tv news videos etc...are NOT representative of the British majority who hold them in contempt as do I !


      One of the main problems is the massive, uncontrolled influx of immigrants from africa, the middle east, eastern europe and the gypsies together with the irish tinker traveler gypsy wannabes that have flooded into the UK, park their caravans and motrcampers wherever they please including beauty spots, sports fields parks and you name it, illegally and with arrogance ! They then trash the whole areas ! Over 500 different crimes a day in Britain are committed by foreigners !


      Since these udesirables were allowed to invade the UK, thanks to the useless apathy of consecutive British governments and parliament, Britain has been transformed and reduced into a thirdworld type garbage dump so to speak ! Most British folk would I'm sure agree I have summed it up very accurately!


      Britain is a small Island country, it was never meant to absorb the World's destitute wanderers who seem to find their way from anywhere and everywhere and head for UK shores ! The word is out Worldwide about Britains ridiculously generous benefits system, where destitute families from uncouth environments can just land in Britain and receive luxurious accomodations in multi-million pound mansions in affluential neighborhoods etc and unimagined freebies they never could have dreamed of from whence they came !


      To worsen matters the EU in Brussels has tried desperately to undermine British government authority and sovereignty and even gone as far in their international courts  to prohibit the deportation of terrorists, rapists paedophiles, armed robbers and murderers,etc ! This  has nothing to do with human rights whatsoever and this further only encourages more undesirables and their familes and friends etc to continue to try to get to Britain which is already the  most unbearably overcrowded country in europe ! Many also bring with them disease and their serious criminal ways !


      David Cameron is a multi-millionaire as his his Wife Samantha and they both come from extremely wealthy and privileged backgrounds, they have NEVER known the sufferings and struggles of most British folk not to exclude Britain's VERY unsafe streets and NEVER will !  Cameron's idea of national service won't work these days because a large percentage of British youth have ONLY hatred and contempt for the establishment etc ! They are  NOT afraid of the aenemic British police, courts or governmental authority !  Therefore, other than rounding them ALL up who choose to behave like uncivilized animals and locking in cages away from normal society........the problems will NOT be resolved !


       Given the wars, economic disasters and absense of unity within the EU, I believe if the British peopel were given the referendum they deserve and have the right to most would want to return Britain to an independent country again !


       I would estimate that prehaps as many as 25% or so of the inhabitants of the UK  have criminal, anarchistic, selfish and or hooliganistic attitudes and are NOT British in nature or good for the country, it's image or future and will eventually destroy the very fabric of British culture and lifestyles etc ! The ONLY way to prevent this is for parliament to expedite TOUGH, new laws with mandatory punishments and remove the discretionary powers from Britain's effeminately weak judges !


       If parliament and the government give the police and if necessary the army also, the powers to clean the country up ONCE AND FOR ALL !  TOUGH  times requires TOUGH responses ! (Not everyone in society can handle or is automatically entitled to uncontrolled freedoms, if they choose to unlkeash havoc on fellow ciitzens)...who knows it may even return to the pleasant, country lane, quiet villages, friendly folk land it once was...miracles do happen sometimes....and that's what it would take NOW to bring back the kind of Britain the Whole World liked and wanted to visit and be a part of !

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