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    Posted August 18, 2011 by
    tewksbury, Massachusetts

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    Obama’s Bus Tour Caters to Affluent


    Barack’s mile long tax payers paid gas guzzlers campaign Bus Tour catered to affluent Americans in Iowa and Illinois and districts with the lowest unemployment rates in the nation so that viewers would see happy Americans on their televisions (Fox News, August 2011). Not one poor neighborhood was visited by Barack. In spite of this tactic, not one national news network covered Barack’s campaign Bus Tour (Fox News, 17 August 2011).


    That did not stop Barack’s posy from stopping each night and renting at taxpayers’ expense the top 50 rooms just prior to Barack taking another of his regular taxpayers paid vacations at the most expensive locations that he can think of, Martha’s Vineyards, Massachusetts (Fox News, August 2011).


    On Barack’s last day on the campaign trail, Barack promised new economic news and instead Barack repeated for the tenth time his same speech repeating himself stating that he wants another expensive Stimulus Bill (Fox News, August 2011).


    For the record as to Barack’s First FAILED Stimulus approved on 2/17/09:


    1) $699 Million of the nearly $1 Trillion has been spent.


    - $743 million spent per day

    - $30 million spent per hour


    2) The 7 percent unemployment that Barack promised has never been achieved. The closest that Barack has achieved is 9.1 percent.


    3) Barack claims 2 million jobs created but does not mention that 4 million jobs were lost during the same period;

    -   Net loss = 2 million jobs lost since Barack took office due to his policies and regulations


    4) Claimed Economy has grown since “he took office” (judge for yourself) [Fox News, 17 August 2011]:

    - S&P AA versus AAA must be imaginary economic rating;

    - 3 million Americans without jobs for almost three years speaks for itself;

    - Millions stopped looking for work speaks for itself;

    - 15 percent on food stamps (record high) speaks for itself;

    - All ethnic group record high unemployment rates speaks for itself

    - Wall Street loss speaks for itself


    5) Barack stated America has the best workers in the World but failed to say that they are unemployed and at home.


    - Especially the 50+ age employees that are the most experienced and most educated Americans in the world that are retiring at record high numbers because Barack forced them to retire 15 to 20 years early.


    6) Blame Game: Barack continues with his blame game blame the Japanese weather for his failed leadership and the war in Iraq for the high fuel costs versus his inaction or failed leadership.

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