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    Posted August 24, 2008 by
    poultney, Vermont

    Unethical Business Practices on eBay

    5:53:02 PM System Initial Question/Comment: Completing a Transaction 5:53:07 PM System Thank you for contacting eBay Live Help! 5:53:07 PM System You are successfully connected to eBay Live Help. Please hold for the next available Live Help Agent. 5:54:02 PM System We appreciate your patience. You will be able to type in your question as soon as you are connected with a Live Help Agent. Please continue to hold for the next available representative. 5:54:43 PM System Derek S. has joined this session! 5:54:43 PM System Connected with Derek S. 5:54:53 PM Derek S. Hello, thanks for waiting and welcome to eBay Live Help! My name is Derek. How may I help you? 5:55:16 PM nfa_automotive I have a problem with item #140259661998 5:55:38 PM Derek S. I'm glad you contacted us about this right away! I will be happy to look into this for you. 5:56:03 PM Derek S. I want to make sure that I have the correct item. Is this for the "IBM T23 for parts, FREE DOCK with Buy It Now"? 5:56:09 PM nfa_automotive yes 5:56:23 PM Derek S. May I know how may I help you? 5:56:48 PM nfa_automotive Well I have haen't been payed 5:57:33 PM Derek S. I see a message for that listing "Paid with PayPal on August 24 ,2008. " 5:58:23 PM Derek S. Did you check with PayPal? 5:58:30 PM nfa_automotive see in that lies the problem, I don't have the money 5:58:52 PM nfa_automotive yes i have, and they said it's on hold and a new ebay policy 5:59:03 PM Derek S. I see. 5:59:23 PM Derek S. Let me check for this information. 6:00:18 PM Derek S. This hold will be placed on only a small percentage of transactions for up to 21 days. 6:00:18 PM Derek S. Then the funds will be released if there is no dispute. 6:00:28 PM Derek S. The funds may be released earlier if the buyer leaves positive feedback, or if PayPal can confirm the delivery of the item. 6:00:54 PM Derek S. PayPal will not hold payments for eBay items if sellers: 6:01:28 PM Derek S. 1. Have been an eBay member for more than 6 months, and 2. Have a total Feedback score greater than 100, and 3. Have a buyer satisfaction percentage of 95% or better. 6:01:33 PM Derek S. or: 1. Have an average Detailed Seller Rating greater than 4.5, and 2. Have received more than 20 Detailed Seller Ratings in the last 12 months. 6:01:53 PM nfa_automotive ok well THAT'S BS 6:02:39 PM Derek S. Please do not worry, it will just for a few transactions. 6:03:39 PM nfa_automotive I have been an ebay member for 5 years and have NEVER heard of such BS!!!! 6:03:59 PM nfa_automotive If ya can't tell I'm not very happy about this 6:04:14 PM Derek S. It is a new policy and is there as your feedback is less than 100. 6:05:11 PM nfa_automotive Yeah and I'm VERY unhappy with it. 6:06:07 PM Derek S. I am sorry about it but this hold is temporary. 6:06:37 PM Derek S. It is for 21 days and will be removed once the item is received by the buyer or if he leaves you a feedback. 6:07:01 PM nfa_automotive I am NOT!!! shipping my laptop to someone in NY, whose F'in name I can't even pronounce, without getting PAYED!!! 6:07:41 PM Derek S. It has been paid and is in your account but there is a hold on it.. 6:07:54 PM Derek S. It will be released once the item is received by the buyer. 6:08:29 PM Derek S. It is your money and it belongs to you. 6:08:40 PM nfa_automotive It is a completely ASSININE policy. 6:09:17 PM nfa_automotive NO you're missing the point. I don't have access to the money. 6:09:21 PM Derek S. When a payment is on hold, it means that the payment has already been cleared but that PayPal is holding the payment. 6:11:08 PM nfa_automotive NO you're missing the point. I don't have access to the money. And I won't have the laptop, he will. What protects me. I AM NOT waiting a month to get payed 6:12:10 PM Derek S. You don't have to wait for a month. 6:12:38 PM Derek S. If you have a tracking information and if you've used FedEx, USPS or UPS to ship the item, you can enter the tracking number in PayPal so its delivery can be confirmed. 6:13:27 PM nfa_automotive No up to 21 days, but what if this guy has a problem, then I wait even longer? 6:14:35 PM Derek S. That does not matter... if you ship the item with proper tracing number, once the delivery is confirmed, the hold will be removed. 6:15:05 PM Derek S. The funds may be released earlier if the buyer leaves positive feedback, or if PayPal can confirm the delivery of the item. 6:15:15 PM Derek S. So you do not have to wait for 21 days. 6:16:26 PM nfa_automotive UM YES it does matter, this is not the way I do business. OR for that matter it's not the way business works 6:17:37 PM Derek S. I am sorry but this will not happen for all the time. 6:17:50 PM Derek S. for all the transactions. 6:18:10 PM Derek S. It is just for few transactions. 6:18:42 PM nfa_automotive People don't receive goods without proper compensation 6:20:16 PM nfa_automotive EX, someone wants a soda, they go into a store, they pay for the soda, they leave with the soda 6:21:26 PM nfa_automotive SO simplified, this guy is walking out of my store with a soda, and telling he's going to pay me in 3 weeks 6:22:51 PM nfa_automotive That SH^ wouldn't fly 6:23:01 PM Derek S. I understand your point here. 6:24:51 PM nfa_automotive This can not be legal, and TRUST ME I'm going to check into the legality of what ebay is doing. 6:26:46 PM Derek S. This policy is just in place so that we can give good selling practices like shipping quickly, using tracking, communicating openly with customers, and providing a good buying experience. 6:27:15 PM Derek S. This will encourage more buyers to trust you and build a good relationship. 6:27:19 PM nfa_automotive HAVE YOU LOOKED AT MY FEED BACK 6:27:37 PM nfa_automotive take a quick look 6:27:57 PM Derek S. I see it is at 100% with 53 feedbacks. 6:28:04 PM nfa_automotive read a couple 6:28:37 PM Derek S. I have read and understand that you have been a gem of a seller. 6:29:02 PM Derek S. Please understand that this policy is not directed intentionally for sellers like you. 6:29:27 PM Derek S. It of for new sellers so that they do not scam. 6:30:14 PM nfa_automotive Yes and I understand there are people out there selling to and scaming people. 6:31:02 PM nfa_automotive BUT!!! This makes is EXTREMELY difficult for sellers like me to do business. 6:31:42 PM Derek S. The best thing here is to contact the buyer and leave you a positive feedback so that PayPal can release the funds for you. 6:33:40 PM Derek S. You can call the buyer and explain the situation to him. 6:34:02 PM Derek S. A phone call will be more understanding. 6:36:03 PM nfa_automotive OH I will get positive feedback. Thats not my problem. The problem here is this sounds like a HUGE scam. Ebay is scamming us sellers. This all sounds like they're trying to make money. If they do this to enough people a month, hold there money, For 21 days and collect interest on it, they could make alot of money. 6:36:34 PM nfa_automotive Ebay is scaming us sellers and collecting interest on are money while we wait to get payed 6:36:58 PM Derek S. Sellers enrolled in the PayPal Money Market Fund will earn interest on any pending funds in their PayPal accounts. 6:39:29 PM nfa_automotive Can anyone from eBay call me, I would really like to speak to a manager, or is there somewhere I can file a complant. This "scam" is wrong!. 6:40:28 PM Derek S. I am sorry there is no phone support. 6:40:50 PM nfa_automotive I have been a member for 5 year and this is the biggest pile of sh& I've ever heard of coming from ebay 6:41:37 PM nfa_automotive No I don't want phone support, I want a manager to call me at home. 6:42:09 PM nfa_automotive and call me Mr Lewis 6:42:50 PM nfa_automotive Because I'm not happy 6:42:57 PM nfa_automotive With eBay 6:43:15 PM Derek S. I am really sorry to know that you are not happy with this policy.. 6:43:33 PM Derek S. I'll request you to send us a written suggestion with your phone number. 6:44:13 PM Derek S. http://pages.ebay.com/help/newtoebay/suggest.html 6:44:14 PM nfa_automotive And SERIOUSLY considering not dealing with ebay every again 6:44:58 PM Derek S. Please open this webpage and send us your concern about this policy. 6:46:18 PM Derek S. We value your 5 years with eBay and request you to send us your concern so that we can look into this for you. 6:46:41 PM nfa_automotive I have NEVER been so infuriated with ebay, you are steeling from me, They are backing people into a corner, don't get any money, send the item or get negitive feed, but it's ok you'll get the money in a couple weeks 6:47:24 PM Derek S. I understand where you are coming from.. 6:47:39 PM Derek S. I value your input. 6:47:54 PM Derek S. Please open that webpage and send us your comments.. 6:49:09 PM Derek S. I see. 6:49:11 PM nfa_automotive You bet I will, and it's not going to be just a comment, it's going to be my Manifesto 6:49:34 PM nfa_automotive Cause I'm PISSED 6:50:04 PM Derek S. I totally understand. 6:50:33 PM Derek S. Let me check if we have received reports regarding this. 6:50:34 PM nfa_automotive ok, then 6:51:04 PM Derek S. I'm sorry for the previous message. 6:51:39 PM nfa_automotive How do we fix this? 6:52:09 PM Derek S. You can contact the buyer and convince you to leave you a positive feedback. 6:53:52 PM nfa_automotive BUT why, I should have to be doing anything to CONVINCE someone to leave me positive feedback, that not what the system is for. 6:54:57 PM Derek S. I agree with you but the payment will not be released until you provide the tracking number to PayPal or buyer gives you a positive feedback. 6:55:08 PM nfa_automotive "that is not what the system is there for", sorry 6:55:55 PM Derek S. That is right...but do we have a choice? 6:56:20 PM Derek S. PayPal will not release the funds until the buyer receives the item or leaves you a positive. 6:58:39 PM nfa_automotive but i don't have the money, WHY should I send it, Does the guy who bought my laptop know his money is in limbo, that i haven't received it?. 6:59:00 PM Derek S. No, he does not know that. 6:59:07 PM nfa_automotive WHY 6:59:20 PM Derek S. This is only for sellers. 6:59:40 PM Derek S. But he will be informed once the item is received by him. 7:00:00 PM Derek S. so that he can confirm the delivery or leave a positive for you. 7:01:03 PM nfa_automotive WOW, that's all I can say 7:03:40 PM nfa_automotive So they don't even tell the buyer there money is in limbo and the seller hasn't received it, DO you think they IDK might like to know that. If I bought something on ebay and the sell wasn't gotten there money. I'd like to have that info 7:05:01 PM Derek S. They will know it when they contact PayPal but the money has gone from their Paypal account and is in your account but on hold so that you can not transfer those funds.. 7:05:21 PM Derek S. The money is in your account now but a temporary hold is placed. 7:07:00 PM nfa_automotive ok so the money is gone from his account, and has cleared 7:07:36 PM Derek S. Yes, it is in your account but on hold by PayPal. 7:07:57 PM Derek S. When a payment is on hold, it means that the payment has already been cleared but that PayPal is holding the payment. 7:08:00 PM nfa_automotive And they don't know i haven't receive the funds 7:08:21 PM nfa_automotive Sorry that the funds have cleared into my account 7:08:32 PM Derek S. That is right but they will be informed once they receive the item or confirm receiving it. 7:09:36 PM nfa_automotive WOW, That is not the way a business should do business. 7:10:52 PM Derek S. I have given you a link to send us your suggestion.. 7:11:02 PM Derek S. It will be highly valued. 7:11:31 PM nfa_automotive What makes you think I should ship an item to a buyer if I have not been paid for it? If I don't have access to the money, legally I have not been paid. 7:12:07 PM Derek S. I agree with your point of view.. 7:12:39 PM nfa_automotive I want to talk to someone next up the ladder. I am in business just the same as eBay is. There is a chain of command and I assume that I am not speaking with John Donahue since you said your name is Derek. 7:13:52 PM Derek S. That is right, I can connect you to my Floor Supervisor, Lankston. 7:14:02 PM Derek S. May I go ahead and connect you now? 7:14:23 PM nfa_automotive I want him to call me 7:14:34 PM nfa_automotive I don't want to type this all over again 7:14:47 PM Derek S. He can be available on Live Help right now. 7:14:57 PM Derek S. You do not have to type this again. 7:15:07 PM Derek S. He can go through the whole transcript. 7:15:13 PM nfa_automotive ok 7:15:33 PM System Derek S. has left this session! 7:15:33 PM System Lankston P. has joined this session! 7:15:33 PM System Connected with Lankston P. 7:15:43 PM Lankston P. Hello! 7:15:47 PM nfa_automotive Hi 7:15:58 PM Lankston P. This is Lankston, Supervisor for Derek, 7:16:28 PM nfa_automotive How are you today 7:16:33 PM Lankston P. I was discussing your issue with Derek from past 10 minutes. 7:16:48 PM Lankston P. Yes, I'm good. Thanks for asking. 7:16:53 PM Lankston P. How about you? 7:18:56 PM nfa_automotive I'm not so happy with a couple of ebays policies 7:19:38 PM nfa_automotive as you might know 7:20:08 PM Lankston P. Yes, from the whole previous conversation, I understand that you are very upset over the payment hold policy after you sell the item. 7:20:22 PM nfa_automotive That is correct 7:20:43 PM Lankston P. James, may I know which shipping service you used to ship your item. 7:22:13 PM nfa_automotive USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Box 7:24:34 PM Lankston P. Perfect! 7:24:49 PM Lankston P. Then I have some good new for you. 7:25:44 PM Lankston P. PayPal can confirm item delivery if you ship with USPS, UPS, or FedEx. 7:26:14 PM Lankston P. You can do one of the following. 7:26:34 PM Lankston P. * Purchase and print PayPal shipping labels. * Enter tracking information on the transaction details page on PayPal. 7:27:19 PM Lankston P. Once the PayPal has acknowledge and verified all this information, you will get your money in your account. 7:28:09 PM Lankston P. To be honest, as I'm not a PayPal representative, I can not promise you the exact time frame on when you will get your payment. 7:29:56 PM nfa_automotive If I don't have access to the money, legally I have not been paid. And there for not going to ship the laptop 7:31:29 PM Lankston P. Your payments will not be held if you meet all the following requirements: " eBay TenureGreater than 6-months " Total Feedback scoreMore than 100 " Dissatisfied Buyers %--Less than 5% 7:32:01 PM nfa_automotive yeah we've established that 7:32:19 PM Lankston P. As you have less feedback, according to new policy, your all the payments will be on hold till you exceed the feedback of 100. 7:33:05 PM Lankston P. I am sorry about the inconvenience, but according to new policy, this is the way system will be working till you reach 100 feedback, 7:34:48 PM nfa_automotive So for the next 43 transactions or so this will happen for everyone 7:35:01 PM nfa_automotive you do realize that their won't be anymore transactions, right? 7:35:11 PM nfa_automotive buying or selling - this is a scam 7:35:39 PM nfa_automotive and I will tell everyone I know what is happening and suggest that they also boycott ebay 7:36:10 PM Lankston P. We have this policy in place in order to stop all the "Item Not Received" situation and give buyer more protection on their purchase. 7:36:24 PM nfa_automotive BUT what about the sellers? 7:36:40 PM Lankston P. This will definitely attract more and more buyers as their payment is safe till they get what they paid for. 7:37:06 PM nfa_automotive again WHAT about the sellers? 7:37:15 PM Lankston P. And if there are more buyers, the sellers will automatically come to sell their items. 7:37:46 PM nfa_automotive NOT if there money is being held from them 7:38:25 PM Lankston P. the best thing I'd suggest in this case is to post your reviews to our Trust and Safety Department. 7:39:00 PM Lankston P. I do understand your point as well. 7:39:25 PM Lankston P. Actually, we are taking feedback on how these changes are going to effect regular value sellers like you. 7:40:01 PM Lankston P. Post your honest opinion to them and if we get more and more reviews like you, the eBay may start the old system once again. 7:40:09 PM nfa_automotive Ok who is your supervisor, cause i'd like to talk to him or her 7:40:21 PM Lankston P. Would you like me to provide you with the link to post your suggestion and reviews? 7:41:11 PM Lankston P. James, I'm the highest point of escalation in General Chat support. 7:42:00 PM nfa_automotive I'd like talk to your supervisor, because i feel i'm being punished by eBay because some new sellers are scamming people. eBay's answer to new sellers scamming people is for eBay to scam all sellers with less than 100 feedback? 7:42:28 PM nfa_automotive If I was a new seller, that would be one thing but I have been a member for over 5 years with 100% feedback 7:43:02 PM nfa_automotive So who is above you? 7:43:06 PM Lankston P. Believe me, no supervisor will be able to remove the hold from your payment to release funds for you. 7:43:39 PM nfa_automotive That is not the point 7:48:00 PM nfa_automotive That is not the point. The point is that eBay has instituted a policy that is unethical and against every business principle known to man. If I sell something, I need to recieve the money before I am going to release the product. Ebay is penalizing good sellers who don't sell often because of some scammers. Ebay has become a scam itself as an answer to scamming sellers. That is not acceptable business practice. 7:50:02 PM Lankston P. As being a seller myself, I do understand. However, it is to make this online marketplace safer. 7:50:32 PM Lankston P. If buyers feel safe, sellers will have more sell. 7:51:30 PM nfa_automotive Is eBay really trying to antagonize sellers? If I was a new seller you are saying that PayPal would put a hold on all funds until either the item can be confirmed as delivered or positive feedback is left until I have accumulated 100 feedback? 7:52:17 PM Lankston P. As per the new changes, seller needs to have either 100 Feedback score, less than 5% dissatisfied buyer in the last 30 days or item not listed in the high risk categories. 7:53:02 PM Lankston P. No, if it is 21 days and no dispute filed by the buyer, payment is released.. 7:53:27 PM nfa_automotive sellers aren't going to sell if they can't get paid 7:53:37 PM Lankston P. I also see that PayPal can confirm item delivery if you ship with USPS, UPS, or FedEx and do one of the following and then payment is released. 7:53:57 PM nfa_automotive And you're speaking to a experienced seller 7:54:32 PM Lankston P. Yes, you are our valued seller. 7:54:32 PM nfa_automotive why should i want to sell if I'm not getting paid, and have to ship the item 7:54:47 PM Lankston P. But policies are same for all. 7:55:37 PM nfa_automotive and are unethical 7:56:07 PM System Samuel K. has joined this session! 7:56:32 PM Samuel K. Hi, this is Samuel. 7:56:40 PM nfa_automotive eBay Community Values We believe people are basically good. We believe everyone has something to contribute. We believe that an honest, open environment can bring out the best in people. We recognize and respect everyone as a unique individual. We encourage you to treat others the way you want to be treated. 7:56:54 PM Samuel K. Superviosr for Lankston. 7:57:06 PM nfa_automotive FROM your site 7:57:13 PM nfa_automotive what happened to eBay community values? 7:58:09 PM Samuel K. We do appreciate that you understand and respect all the eBay Values. 7:58:50 PM Samuel K. But Values are Policies are two different sides of the coin. 7:59:19 PM Samuel K. We have to follow policies taking all the values into consideration. 7:59:59 PM System Lankston P. has left this session! 8:00:09 PM Samuel K. I have to go through teh chat sesison, since, I have joined it now. 8:00:29 PM Samuel K. Please give me a minute or two while I review the session. 8:00:39 PM System Connected with Unknown 8:01:33 PM nfa_automotive If people are basincally good, they have something to contribute, and that an honest open environment can bring out the best in people - why am I being penalized because of some scamming new sellers - I have 100% feedback over 5 years 8:02:06 PM nfa_automotive Policies are driven by values or at least they should be. 8:02:50 PM Samuel K. I do value your time you have spent on eBay, however, the feedback score should be 100. 8:03:53 PM nfa_automotive According to current business leadership theory. Policies are driven by values or at least they should be. 8:04:04 PM nfa_automotive Why should it be 100? 8:05:35 PM Samuel K. It is a benchmark set by the team which has taken the decision after an analysis. 8:06:50 PM Samuel K. I also see that a seller has too many options if they don't want their payment to be put on hold by PayPal. 8:08:00 PM nfa_automotive How else can I get paid, your took away the money orders opition. 8:08:21 PM nfa_automotive How else can I get paid quickly 8:09:40 PM Samuel K. Just wanted to confirm have you shipped the item through USPS, UPS, or FedEx? 8:10:13 PM nfa_automotive No I got payed today, Sunday the 24th 2008 8:10:26 PM nfa_automotive but i don't have access to the money 8:10:45 PM Samuel K. Hmm.. 8:11:16 PM Samuel K. In thsi situation, if the buyer leaves positive Feedback, payment will be released instantly. 8:12:06 PM Samuel K. Since, the buyer has alread paid, you can confirm through PayPal and then leave a positive Feedback. 8:12:26 PM Samuel K. Once you do so, they may also leave positive feedback. 8:12:37 PM nfa_automotive You are missing the point, I have to ship an item without having access to the money in my account. 8:12:41 PM Samuel K. As soon as they leave it, your payment will be released. 8:13:41 PM Samuel K. Payment will be transferred to your account once they confirm the item delivery as well. You may be assured that since payment is with PayPal, you will not loose the money. 8:15:10 PM Samuel K. To avoid the payment hold, a seller needs to meet these requirements. 8:15:33 PM nfa_automotive Your missing the point, I don't have access to the money and I must ship the item and wait for the buyer to acknowledge the receipt of the item or leave feedback before they have recieved the item 8:15:41 PM Samuel K. 1. You've been a member for more than 6 months. 8:15:46 PM Samuel K. 2. Your Feedback score is more than 100. 8:16:26 PM Samuel K. There is one more option. If they don't file any claim in 21 days, paymnet will be released. 8:16:41 PM Samuel K. 3. Your buyer dissatisfaction is less than 5%. 8:16:46 PM Samuel K. 4. Your Detailed Seller Rating (DSR) scores are all great than 4.5. 8:16:56 PM Samuel K. 5. You have more than 20 DSRs in the last 12 months. 8:17:42 PM nfa_automotive Yes we've been over this 8:18:53 PM nfa_automotive And I realize the policy 8:19:06 PM Samuel K. I see that you are not meeting the Feedback score requirement. 8:19:26 PM nfa_automotive but me understanding doesn't make it any more ethical 8:19:52 PM Samuel K. For your future transactions, you may want to select "Payment on pick up" option where you can accept Money Order, Check or cash if the buyer comes to your place to pick up the item. It is applicable from late October. 8:21:55 PM Samuel K. I do understnad that all of the sellers don't agree with the chnage in this policy. 8:22:05 PM Samuel K. However, after this policy has been implemented we have seen teh number of dropped Item Not Received disputes and Seller Non Performance issues. 8:23:05 PM nfa_automotive But that's unexceptable, I live in a small town of less then 2000 people in southern vermont, Yes it's a nice drive up here but I doubt someone is going to drive up here to pick up a laptop. 8:23:57 PM nfa_automotive how many sellers have you lost? is anyone checking those numbers? 8:25:32 PM Samuel K. I do understnad that not all of the members are happy with this change, however, it's a policy for the betterment of the this marketplace. 8:25:42 PM Samuel K. I see that we have not lost sellers. 8:25:49 PM nfa_automotive What about the small town small volume ebayers who have been with ebay for a long time. 8:26:26 PM Samuel K. Infact many new sellers have joined us, since they know that if there are more buyers they will ahve more business. 8:26:47 PM Samuel K. We have Announcement Boards updated. 8:27:17 PM Samuel K. Before a policy is implemented, it is announced and communicated to the community members. 8:27:47 PM Samuel K. If trusted sellers, more buyers. It means more business to the seller. 8:28:20 PM nfa_automotive You will loose one and I come from a family of Early ebay sellers, you will be losing more because I am going to make it my purpose in life to encourage the boycotting of eBay 8:29:43 PM Samuel K. Oh! It's not the purpose of thsi policy. 8:29:58 PM Samuel K. I do value your patience and time you invest on eBay. 8:30:28 PM Samuel K. However, first analysis is done and then policy is implemented. 8:30:38 PM nfa_automotive what is the incentive to any seller to have to wait up to 21 days to have access to their money? 8:31:15 PM nfa_automotive or until a buyer has taken the time to leave feedback 8:32:18 PM Samuel K. Sellers enrolled in the PayPal Money Market Fund will earn interest on any pending funds in their PayPal accounts. 8:33:49 PM Samuel K. Not the entire amount is put on hold. 8:34:08 PM Samuel K. This hold is placed on only a small percentage of transactions. 8:34:38 PM Samuel K. It's a mutual fund that invests in high-quality, low-risk, short-term securities. For every dollar put in the fund, the fund works to return a dollar plus any income from the investment. 8:35:30 PM nfa_automotive Ok but how many small time ebays have enough funds in there paypal to actually see a return on the interest collected over 21 days or how ever long it takes for the hold to be released, and what is the rate .5%? 8:36:29 PM Samuel K. I may not be able to provide you with teh statistics on this. 8:36:49 PM Samuel K. If you wish, you can sign up for that. 8:36:54 PM Samuel K. 1. Log in to your account. 8:37:04 PM Samuel K. 2. Click the Money Market link in the footer. 8:37:09 PM Samuel K. 3. Click the Enroll Now button. 8:37:14 PM Samuel K. 4. Follow the steps to sign up. 8:38:34 PM Samuel K. You need to ship the item right away. The funds will be available as soon as the buyer leaves positive feedback. 8:38:39 PM Samuel K. So, the faster you get the item to the buyer, the faster they can leave feedback. 8:39:04 PM Samuel K. Also, if you have delivery tracking information, the funds can be released within 3 days or confirmed item delivery if you provide the tracking number to PayPal. 8:40:16 PM nfa_automotive no what i need to do is tell the buyer that the item is no longer available for sale and why - i.e. a copy of this script - and that paypal can refund him his money 8:41:50 PM Samuel K. It's up to your discretion, however, the buyer may file a dispute. 8:43:17 PM nfa_automotive I don't think anyone would dispute unethical business practices 8:43:40 PM Samuel K. Hmm.. 8:43:50 PM Samuel K. You may want to visit this page: https://www.thepaypalblog.com/2008/02/new-ebay-seller/ 8:44:35 PM Samuel K. Once March-14, this announcement was made. 8:44:40 PM Samuel K. http://www2.ebay.com/aw/core/200803.shtml#2008-03-14112309 8:45:20 PM Samuel K. In addition, for a small number of transactions that have a higher risk of buyer dissatisfaction, we may delay the release of funds paid through PayPal. 8:45:30 PM Samuel K. This hold will be placed on only a small percentage of transactions for up to 21 days. 8:45:50 PM Samuel K. Then the funds will be released if there is no dispute. 8:46:20 PM Samuel K. Sellers enrolled in the PayPal Money Market Fund will earn interest on any pending funds in their PayPal accounts. 8:47:04 PM nfa_automotive # Wolf February 18th, 2008 at 11:52 am While the idea of withholding funds is not new in ecommerce, the thought of withholding for TWENTY ONE DAYS is excessive. I can understand 7-10 days, but 21 days is above and beyond what is reasonable. You(and eBay) will be putting alot of smaller busainesses who rely on that money in danger of being forced to either close up or leave eBay AND PayPal completely. Google checkout is starting to look better all the time. 8:47:10 PM Samuel K. I see that the only available option is to post your valuable suggetion to teh concerned team as per your transaction experience. 8:47:44 PM nfa_automotive quote from "https://www.thepaypalblog.com/2008/02/new-ebay-seller/" 8:48:20 PM nfa_automotive # Nancy February 23rd, 2008 at 12:23 pm Twenty-one days?! If I sell an item and the buyer pays for it and expects me to ship it promptly, I need the money. I am not able to pay all shipping out of my pocket while waiting on funds that have been sent to me. So I won’t ship until I get paid. Ebay and paypal are going to drive a LOT of good sellers away! This combined with inability to leave accurate feedback for buyers who deserve a negative or neutral rating is just plain stupid. I foresee a drastic downward turn for ebay’s/paypal’s business and reputation. Someone made some HUGE mistakes in making these decisions. Without sellers, you will have NO buyers. Hello? Did any of you think about that before you made these foolish changes?! 8:48:37 PM nfa_automotive These are just the first 2 8:49:46 PM Samuel K. You can also post your experience there. 8:50:56 PM nfa_automotive I may post a transcript 8:52:31 PM Samuel K. Your suggestions and reviews are welcome.... 8:53:06 PM Samuel K. Thanks for your time and for showing so much concern in this issue from seller's poin of view. 8:53:11 PM Samuel K. point* 8:54:02 PM Samuel K. Other than this, do you have any other questions or concerns today? 8:54:25 PM nfa_automotive thank you for your time - and for contiributing to the loss of an ebay seller - I have copied this script and will post it everywhere i can think of. Good night 8:55:17 PM Samuel K. Thank you for your time and for chatting. Take care. 8:55:26 PM nfa_automotive MSNBC, CNN 8:55:30 PM nfa_automotive Myspace 8:55:38 PM nfa_automotive every blog I can find 8:57:42 PM Samuel K. Teh Policy has been changed for the betterment of the eBay Community. And we've already posted it everywhere on teh announcement board and also with all the members. 8:58:24 PM nfa_automotive The betterment of some members 8:58:48 PM nfa_automotive you're missing one 8:58:58 PM nfa_automotive =ME 8:59:06 PM nfa_automotive and more will be coming 8:59:18 PM nfa_automotive or leaving 9:00:38 PM Samuel K. I feel I have addressed all your concerns. I need to go ahead and end this chat as I need to assist other members. 9:00:53 PM Samuel K. Bye and take care..... 9:00:56 PM nfa_automotive you too
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