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    Posted August 25, 2008 by
    Kansas City, Missouri

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    In  the Spirit of ’76, as a protester, I was highly visible at  The Liberty  Memorial Mall in Penn Valley Park and The Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City the whole time of the convention. President Ford, Vice-President Rockefeller and their partisans were staying there.

    The opening night of the Convention, the Youth  International Party (Yippies) had set up a microphone on top of a school bus on the grass of Penn Valley Park with speakers that reverberated against the Crown Center Hotel accross the street. I happened to be speaking when Vice President Rockefeller and a retinue came out on a balcony of the hotel at eye level with me, and I   addressed my words to him. He was not pleased as evidenced by his reaction to my words caught here,


    Walking softly and carrying my big stick, identifying them by nametag, I approached every Senator, Congressman and delegate talking in small groups within the thousands socializing in the Lobby of The Crown Center Hotel. My greeting was always the same, ¨Good Day!  My name is  Ray and I would like to talk to you about some issues.¨

    To my disappointment, walking through the constant crowds doing this for four days, not one Senator or Congressman would talk with me and the small group would dissolve and disappear in the larger crowd as I  moved on. The event of this report happened the night of that fourth Day of that convention of silence.

    Even after all these years, I have no doubt if senior Republican Party leaders and other Republicans who attended that Convention saw the picture today, they will have to admit after thinking on it, “Yes, I remember that guy.”

    That fourth night, President Ford won the nomination over Ronald Reagan.  My image, standing at the podium of The President of The United States on a Secret Service restricted balcony in the Crown Center Hotel, must have appeared strange in that 1976 revolutionary  year as thousands of witnesses in person, and ABC, CBS, & NBC broadcasting live, were looking up to that spot expecting The President to be standing there.

    Spotting me in the compressed crowd below the restricted balcony, the Hotel Manager called out to me to come up out of the crowd! Since every body was pressed against every body, that was no quick or easy feat.

    Earlier that day, he came to my defence allowing me to stay in the Hotel, as Republican Party Whips wanted to kick me out for ¨walking around with a club,¨ as a crowd gathered around to question me in a real spontaneous  political demonstration.

    Escorting me past all security checkpoints, as a Canadian, to my great wonder and surprise, I found myself standing at the podium of The President of the United States, with my long hair hippie look, waving to the thousands of Republicans in person below.  The image is such a  revolutionary contrast to the establishment, nothing like it has been seen before or since.

    The Secret Service wanted to ask question me. Standing eye to eye with the SS Agent for some time at the Podium of The President answering his  questions, he eventually asked,  ¨Are you Jesus Christ?¨

    Having no  illusions about that then or now, I immediately answered "No."

    The  Agent then  said, ¨Who are you then? A Prophet?¨ Not having  entertained the  thought before these exceptional circumstances I unexpectedly found myself in, I was not as immediate in answering that question.

    They wanted to hold my stick for ¨security reasons" as  the President was expected momentarily. The ABC, CBS & NBC archive video is out there,  and the Secret Service should have records of this scene.

    On September 13, 1976, page 3A, with the header, ´Prophet Chooses Park For Vigil´ The Kansas City Times recorded and reported on my visit to the City and the Republican National Convention. They report, in addition to other specifics, I was serving notice The Writing is on the Wall.

    “He came to town for the Republican National Convention  and will stay until the election in November to do God’s bidding:


    To  tell the  world, from  Kansas City, this Country has been found wanting and it’s days are  numbered”…………………………He gestured toward a     gleaming  church dome. “The gold dome is the symbol of Babylon,” he said.

    Who could relate to such a Vision in 1976 when America was at the peak of it’s power and The Future looked so bright and hopeful?

    The Gold Dome refers to the Gold Head of the terrible image in the  nightmare of the king of the world’s 1st Imperial Superpower, Babylon.  I write about this here, ‘The King’s Terrifying  Nightmare’

    It was not until 9/11 and 7 years later, with the financial  meltdown/economic Pearl Harbour-tsunami in the Fall of 2008, the whole world was able to see it for the 1st time at the same time.

    The third part of the 2600 year old Writing on the Wall Bible story
    from the Book of Daniel speaks of the decline of the dominant Imperial Power and a rising Persia/Iran which the whole world now has to deal with. We have come full circle as history repeats itself.

    And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN.
    This is the interpretation of the thing:
    MENE; God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it.
    TEKEL; You are weighed in the balances, and are found wanting.
    PERES; Your kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians. Daniel 5

    On All Souls Day, November 2, 1976, The Kansas City Times ran a follow up story on my Vigil headed ´Prophet Plans Appeal of  Conviction.´ It is only with the benefit of hindsight, can it be seen  the image in that news report is a sign for these times.

    Other specifics,

    You will see at the end of the September 13, 1976 article, ¨He said this country is uncaring and apathetic and has just 30 months  to change such attitudes. The 30 month figure stems from another  Biblical prophecy, he said, concerning a treaty with Israel-and a Treaty  between Israel and Egypt was signed last year.¨

    The article continues in quotation marks,
    ¨There are 30 months before the fate of the world will be sealed with  either destruction or the universal brotherhood of man,¨ he said. ¨The 30 month figure concerned a Treaty between Israel and Egypt.¨

    Exactly 30 months later, in March 1979, history shows a Treaty between Israel and Egypt was signed, The Camp David Accord.  History shows the talks broke down on the 12th day and no Treaty was to be signed.
    Begin and Sadat were leaving.

    It was on the 13th Day, as in the date of the Article and the picture accompanying it, an unexpected window of  opportunity appeared and opened the way for the Treaty to be signed.

    This signified the Universal Brotherhood part of the quote.


    As to the destruction part of the statement, 7 years later,  the TV Movie made in Kansas City, ´The Day After´ appeared. It could have been  made in any city.


    On seeing it, I may have been the only human on earth  to recognize after the destruction, the final frames of the movie stop at the pillar I am standing in front of in the All Souls Day, November  2, 1976 Kansas City Times report. This is the Lord´s doing as a sign for this generation. The choice of either or is still before us.


    This Public record and marker of Time from 1976, besides reporting specific time related events for the Middle East, before the Time Line of History confirmed the letter, also records,


    “and explained his own  mission as  “waging war  against the beast” – the  beast defined as  government of man and tyrants.” The new Presidential limousine  called  “the beast” is an  aptly named confirming Spiritual “symbol.”


    It’s  taken all these years, but the whole world and America can now see it’s days are numbered if radical reform is not started soon.

    Obviously, as regards the mission, I was not talking of my own personal action other than being a messenger in the right place at the right time, but since this report is from the Revolutionary Spirit of  ’76, it is only now the Revolutionary Spirit of ’11 is beginning to overturn the   tyrants and government of man in the Middle East. This we can see. It  will soon spread world wide.


    The Kansas City Times Reports and related video clips can be seen here,




    It would be tragic if  the "little people" in America can't relate to  the "little people" in Afghanistan/Pakistan and other Nations.

    The bottom line is they are people like the "little people" all over this earth, no matter what Country, colour, language or Religion, and it is becoming perfectly clear all the "little people" everywhere are demanding "regime change."

    Most Christian America is the most apostate of them all as to understanding and practicing Christ died for all humanity, so humanity would be lifted up from it's downward spiral, rushing headlong on the Road to Destruction.

    In the Western Jewish/Christian tradition we were taught the good and  the bad would grow side by side until the Time of the Harvest. It's Time, and many more workers are needed in the field to bring a good Harvest.

    Ray Joseph Cormier
    Ottawa-Hull, Canada

    God IS Great!

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