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    Psychological Manipulation: Danny Hunt and Megan Meier's Assassination and Assassination Attempt


    Mobbing Research: The First Assassination Attempt of Danny Hunt in 1998


    The  mob has been trying to push me to homelessness and assassinate me   for  a long time now, before 1998, which is around the time of the first    assassination attempt.


    I  had left my job after being the  victim  of workplace psychological  harassment, I felt purposeless,  depressed,  burned out, paranoid, and I  was led to the conclusion that I  had caused  the death of someone when  a minor, Celine Hardy.


    "The  mob is  stuck, the mob is stuck, kill yourself, hang yourself, you   have no  future, your future is in the garbage, the homeless are in the   anus, you  are in the anus".


    This  criminal harassment network  influenced  my perception and led me to  believe everyone hated me and  wanted me to  die, mobbing[m];


    Sound  technology was used to  repeat that I should hang myself,  repetitive  suggestion or thought  influence, "hang yourself", and  psychological  manipulation linked to steps and actions towards a suicide attempt   "make a plan", "call Denis", I did,  failed, and a failed assassination   attempt at around 1998;


    Denis  is a former police officer and the idea linked to the plan and steps  towards the action of committing suicide by hanging myself was that it  would be better for him to find me first than my parents.


    Megan Meier's


    I  believe this  is Similar to the Megan Meier's case of a suicide   through the  psychological manipulation of an adult that intentionally   passed her  self off as a teenage boy to manipulate Megan who was   already vulnerable and  crush her psychologically leading to a suicide.


    Megan Meier's psychological manipulation and suicide:


    [1] An adult mother of another teenager posing as a 16 year old boy, a new friend;


    [2] Not wanting to be friends anymore because "Megan is not nice to her friends", psychological crisis;


    [3] The boy leads the start of insults on Megan with other teenagers, mobbing[m];


    [4] The boy states "the world would be a better place without Megan", mobbing[m];


    [5] Megan commits suicide.


    [m] Mobbing is linked to suicides and pushing people to suicides intentionally and unintentionally.

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