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    Why we were attacked on 9/11


              September 11, 2001 was a grave day for everyone in the United States.  I’m sure everyone knows that we were attacked by al-Qaeda.  The attack was masterminded by Osama Bin Laden.  He had four planes hijacked; three of which hit their targets.  Everyone knows that though.  But does everyone know why al-Qaeda attacked us?  Does everyone know why Osama Bin Laden hated the United States so much?  It all has a lot to do with US involvement in the Middle East, mainly in Bin Laden’s home country of Saudi Arabia and our relations with Israel.

                Al-Qaeda was formed in 1988 after Bin Laden had helped the Afghans push the Soviets out of Afghanistan.  He created al-Qaeda to consolidate the networks that had been created during the war (Osama bin Laden, n.d., para. 1).  Al-Qaeda was meant to help repeal foreign influence in the Middle East.

                Osama Bin Laden had not declared war against the United States yet.  Although he thought the United States was very corrupt.  It wasn’t until the Gulf War that he began to think about jihad against the United States.

                When Iraq invaded Kuwait, Osama Bin Laden offered to protect Saudi Arabia from an Iraqi invasion.  He never did hear back from the king, but he did notice that the United States had attacked Iraq and had entered Saudi Arabia.  Bin Laden saw this as a betrayal by his home country.  He hated to see Westerners in the holiest lands of Islam.  Bin Laden began to speak out against Saudi Arabia and the United States.  What upset Bin Laden to most was that the United States stayed in Saudi Arabia after the Gulf War was over.  Saudi Arabia eventually decided to put Bin Laden in exile, in 1992.  His citizenship was also revoked in 1994 (Osama bin Laden, n.d., para. 4).

                Bin Laden felt that he had been backstabbed by the Saudi Arabian government.  In his eyes, the United States’ military shouldn’t be allowed in the Muslim holy land.  He began to see that the United States is way too involved in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia.  Al-Qaeda was designed to rid the Muslim World of foreign influence, but at the very least they wanted to get westerners off the Arabian Peninsula.  Muslims are also not too fond of Israelis.  The United States has been a huge ally with Israel.  This alliance has also caused many Muslims, including Osama Bin Laden to dislike the United States.  In the 1990s, Bin Laden began attacking the US in the Middle East.

                After Bin Laden had been kicked out of Saudi Arabia, he moved around from several different countries before he ended up in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Eventually, he called on the Muslim World to declare jihad on the United States.  Al-Qaeda had declared jihad against the United States in 1996, which included the soldiers in Saudi Arabia.  In 1998, he included all Americans and their allies in another declaration of war (Ross, 2001, para. 34).  Following these declarations, there were several attacks on US embassies, a US naval ship and there are many other attacks that targeted US citizens in the Middle East (Osama bin Laden, n.d., para. 9).

                The Most obvious attack on the United States came on September 11, 2001.  Thousands died on that day and it was the first time the US ground had been attacked since Pearl Harbor.  Instantly, the United States vowed revenge on whoever had committed the attacks. 

                The attacks shocked the nation, but it shouldn’t have surprised the United States.  The United States government was aware that al-Qaeda had had several attacks on the US overseas.  The government should have seen some kind of attack coming and should have prepared before the attacks happened.

                These attacks may have done the exact opposite of what Bin Laden wanted.  The United States may be more involved in the Middle East then they ever have been before.  The US are now fighting a war in Afghanistan, because of the attacks.  Also, the attacks didn’t affect the relations with Saudi Arabia.  Osama Bin Laden has failed in his attempt to rid the Muslim World of the United States and has suffered the consequences for attacking the United States, death.


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