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    Posted September 11, 2011 by

    Dear Osama Bin Laden, from an actual Muslim


    Dear Osama Bin Laden,


    I would say Assalamalaikum , a greeting of peace and love, but that greeting is reserved only for Muslims, and for me that’s a title of honor that you will never deserve.

    Today is the 10th anniversary of the atrocity that has affected the lives of millions of people, mostly for the worse, so thank you for that. September 11th, 2001 started out as beautiful fall day for me, but after watching those buildings crash to the ground of a city I love so dearly, even as a 9th grader in Blacksburg Virginia, I knew this day was going to change my life forever. Before that, I used to love getting on an airplane and travelling the world, I don’t anymore, so thank you for that. I used to have people in the seat next to me want to talk to me, ask me where I’m from and where I’m heading, they don’t anymore, so thank you for that. I used to answer the phone while waiting at an airport terminal, and no one would suspect that I was checking in with the local sleeper cell or coordinating with another terrorist, now they do, so thank you for that. I used to welcome a new Muslim with open arms, but now I greet them with suspicion and doubt, so thank you for that. I used to get angry at people for mistaking me for a Hispanic, now I feel relieved that they didn’t realize that I’m an Arab, again, thank you for that.


    I am not apologetic for the attacks on 9/11, because neither I, nor anyone, organization or faith that I associate with is in anyway related to your organization of lunatics that is responsible for them. I wish that it never happened, and even to this day, tears come to my eyes when I think about the loss of those thousands of lives, including American and foreigners, young and old, Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Even more so, I am astounded by how much pain and suffering resulted from the after effects of those horrid attacks. I follow a doctrine that if you are in the business of killing human lives and causing destruction, panic and chaos, then your life is of no worth to me. Even as a Muslim, I am proud to call myself an American, with origins outside of the US. When I travel abroad, I defend America and its ways, as I know the future of the USA not only affects me, it needs me. The US A was, and still is, a country full of loving and hardworking people; a diverse and accepting nation that took to defending the victims of acts of aggression and bigotry. And on behalf of those victims, some of whom lost their lives, thank you.


    Osama, you brag about the number of lives your attacks have claimed, the vast majority of which were actually Muslim, but can you tell me how many lives your organization has saved? You brag about how many buildings and symbols you have destroyed, but can you list the number of buildings and positive symbols you have produced? Each and every Muslim’s responsibility on this planet earth is to be a steward, a position of responsibility and trust. The Prophet Muhammad’s teachings include returning something borrowed in a state better than you had received it. What positive changes have you made on this earth? What improvements have you made in your time on this borrowed planet of ours? And so you claim that you are a Muslim and all that you did was for Islam, but you preach evil and hatred, veritable antitheses to the faith you claim to represent.


    Honestly Osama, and many share this sentiment, I’m glad that you’re dead, and that you didn’t die an “honorable martyr’s death”. Instead you ended the same way that a filthy sewer rat does, exterminated in its hidey hole. There is a special place in hell reserved for people like you, a place for people who murder innocent people in the name of an all forgiving, merciful God. In the name of the same God that ordered that any person engaged in legitimate and justified warfare, to keep from harming even trees and plants, let alone innocent humans and animals. And to treat aggressors with love and compassion after the conflict was resolved, not hatred and resentment. These are all things that you and your cohorts should have known, if you were actually Muslims.


    And so I will hold on to my greeting of peace and love and save it for the people who merit it, be they Muslim or otherwise, because you definitely don’t deserve it.


    Sincerely ,

    An actual Muslim


    PS. For the sake of maintaining my own self-respect, I chose not to include this until the very end, but please replace the word ‘Thank’ with the expletive of your choice whenever it appears in this letter.

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