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    GOP presidential primary: Who's your pick?

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    The mouths do NOT have it!!


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     valerie1766 of Greensboro, North Carolina, says that the louder voices at last night’s debate were not necessarily the smarter ones. She called out Bachmann for good rhetoric, but not her solutions. Perry was handsome but she urged people to look at his record. Romney made some good points, but Nicholson felt he was weak in immigration and jobs. 'I would really like to see the stage set WITHOUT Romney and Perry center stage. Let's see Santorum and Huntsman or Cain and Gingrich take center stage,' she said.
    - zdan, CNN iReport producer

    The folks with the louder voices do not have the right stuff. Bachman is really good with her rhetoric yet she has not offered ANY solutions.


    Perry is handsome and sauve with his Texas accent and down home act that everyone is falling for ... Its ridiculous!!! All talk, people want to hear and believe so much they will eat him up! Forget what the stats actually say in his record or even what comes out of his mouth.


    I would really like to see the stage set WITHOUT Romney and Perry center stage. Let's see Santorum and Huntsman or Cain and Gingrich take center stage.


    Romney has some good talking points though for my needs he is not fervent enough in areas of immigration, jobs growth or special interests.


    Cain, Huntsman & Gingrich really need more time at the microphone.


    What I want to hear more about is the consititution-it's remaining intact and being reinstated to its previous state, checking congress - they are running rampant and need to be put back in check, some respect for the current commander in chief- I dont' think I've ever seen or heard such blatant disrespect for a previous president go unchecked, they are blaming Obama for a lot of things that are not solely his fault with no one mentioning the lack of cooperation of the GOP or even his own party throughout his tenure  ....


    What I want to hear less of is Obama bashing, misdirection-Bachmann is really good at not answering her questions directly but getting the crowd fired up while still not giving us any actual answers about "how" she plans to do what she says, less from Perry - he's a great talker- had enough of him I'd buy his snake oil but I wouldn't want him running my washer let alone the country stay in Texas & Romney needs to disengage from Perry he's getting snake oil all over him and it's leaving a stain on him for just being so close to him,


    Illegal Immigration is a HUGE issue!!! Much bigger than I believe they addressed tonight. Bachmann got it right however she didn't have an answer. If we can man a space station for 20 years why the hell can't we secure our borders?!?! Because we don't want to or CONGRESS doesn't ... NO ONE ASKED "How does illegal immigration effect our current jobs situation as well as our deficit and all the "ENTITLEMENT" programs?!?!?!


    I'd like to have access to ask some of these very, real questions

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