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    hole in the sky


    Hole in the sky


    What are the real conditions of a flight attendant now a days?

    Thousands of people are working in infernal conditions but governments around the world are letting these awful working conditions to exist.

    We are eager to talk about the Chinese working conditions, the Mexicans, the Indians but what about the flight attendants in our own country, in a well developed country.

    No. No one dares talk about them because it’s just considered another minor job that anyone can do or is it simply because it’s used to be owned in major countries by government themselves.

    Nevertheless, the airline industry needs to be scrutinized under a magnify glass and we need to adjust the working conditions of flight attendants.

    The pressure in the cabin has risen to a higher level and it is time to look at it very closely.

    It is time to sit down with the airline companies and study this big problem, that no one dares to talk about.


    This job is like a coal minor job. The air is rare, the cabin is pressurized and the staff cannot even recognize the day from the night. They work in a confined area, eat near the toilets  and some times they don’t eat at all.

    They arrive on the ground, on the surface with the sun in their eyes not knowing if they should sleep or eat; walking in reverse, removed from the rest of the world.

    A world apart that no one dare to talk about.

    Since the day an airplane went flying in the sky the pilots used to be paid according to the log book of the airplane. Than the stewardesses followed and they were paid according to the log book as well. It used to be a prestigious job but not today, not in 2011. This job, where they give so many free hours to the company is like a slave job. No one would like to do it really. To be on the floor, on your knees picking up dirty trays, where people cough in your face, or yelled at you because they can not handle the pressure being in a confine area with so many people. No, not too many people would do this job. Their desire to travel around the world is more than you can imagine for these poor employees.

    But time has changed and we need to adjust their working conditions according to the reality of the modern days.

    Yes, governments around the world are outraged about the working conditions in third world countries but hold on here governments need to stop a second and look in their own backyard to see that stewardesses are indeed in the same boat.

    The working condition in the airline industry did not change one bit, in fact it has gotten worse. Goverments choose not to look over this matter but time has come for some of them to call for justice.

    Justice in the air needs to be done.

    Oh yes they treat the press right with all the goodies of the first class so they can keep the subject close but enough is enough this has to be told.

    They talk about affecting the economy but they forget about these poor employees who are abused by their employers I know the time is not right especially now but:

    When is the right time to stop the abuse?

    It has been a decade that those poor stewardesses have been abused and time has to change for them.

    Let’s pay them first for all their working hours. That’s all they want.

    ·      When the employer ask them to show up an hour before the flight and they are not pay we call this injustice.

    ·      When they sit in uniform waiting for a flight they are not paid either we called this abuse.

    ·      When they wait for a call at home to work.

    Let me tell you that if airline companies would planned better, they will save money instead and they will stop abusing their own staff.

    ·      Give them a raise. They live like you and I in 2011 and they receive no raise at all since the poor DC3 was flying in the sky. It s terrible it needs to change.

    First of all, around the world times have changed and their job has become high risk.


    ·      They are the first target terrorist used.

    ·      Every day, they put their life at risk putting their life into a stranger, a pilot they barely know.

    ·      Between the hands of a passenger for a reason or another who decide to loose it in the sky at 39,000 feet.

    ·      They work in a cold fuselage or a very hot one.

    ·      They work in a pressurize cabin, with more than 300 passengers around them all day long all night long.

    ·      They work with different schedule, on call, on reserve.

    ·      They work night and day.

    ·      They have to live with jet lag, what no other job worker would have to go through.

    ·      They have to push, pull lift very heavy loads.

    Now lets look at the exterior factors.

    ·      Terrorism

    ·      Mechanic failure

    ·      Aviation crash

    ·      Natural disaster, volcano, earthquake, chemical like the one in Japan…

    ·      Political ordeals, civil war, manifestation....

    ·      Infection virus, crazy cow, SRAS,HINI, tuberculosis, chicken pox outbreak....

    And now the economy

    ·      Budget cut

    ·      Merger

    ·      Lost of seniority

    ·      Raise of duties

    ·      Reduction of staff

    And to conclude,

    ·      Stress is rising as well with staff reductions and

    ·      work load exceeding the number of staff.

    Terrorist attacks are more likely to happen because the staff is exhausted and they can not do their job 100 % anymore because of that. More and more stewardess are stuck with very difficult passengers and instead companies extend their duty days and reduce their sleeping time.

    It is now consider a dangerous job where fresh air is  extremely rare.

    The working load has change since the beginning era of the aviation and government has to step in to adjust their salary appropriate to the cost of living in 2011.

    Let’s stop the abuse of free time for the company and let the airline companies pay their employees.

    They still smile after putting handcuffs to passengers, or trying through reanimate a passenger after half an hour. Yes, they still smile even tho they miss like you their very important meetings with their loved ones. Yes, they still smile even tho they are not there at Christmas time. This is not acceptable that in 2011 these poor employees are not paid for all their hours they put at work. This makes no sense anymore, in a modern day not to pay their staff.

    Airline companies abuse their employees.

    The human rights have to be protected in the airline industry.

    This has to stop.

    Yes we can talk about China, Mexico or India but we are in a well developed society and we need to take care of our own people in our own backyard.

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