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    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Boot camp: Editing your story

    Boot camp: Editing your story


    Main idea: Antiquated ad mural, with distressed words, calling out to those who seek it’s spirit.

    Setting: A ghostly market wall in a rural northern Wisconsin village; that which remains is but a skeleton of what once prospered.


    Characters: Crackled, aged Scandinavian grocer, stocky steer and ghostly fish. And an old soul with a viewfinder.


    Plot: How being led off a two lane highway brought an old soul to a ghostly ad mural, upon aged bricks. It was speaking from it’s deep, almost dead, soul. And to an old soul it was enrapturing. An old soul and a viewfinder would attempt to bring it back to a class among the living.


    Ending: Brought to life and light the messages of old, pieces of history and generations, filled this old soul, her heart and viewfinder. As the old soul pulled back onto the highway, she had captured the diminished messages so they may never be forgotten.


    As I head down the two lane country highway, my eyes were straining to stay focused on the road. The quaint rolling farmland were drawing them and calling me to pull off and snap off a few shots. Never far from my right hand is my trusty camera; ready to shot in a flash. My motto is: “A photo is now; not a moment from now…” I had no place to be in a hurry so if something did catch my eye I had the time.


    Soon I came upon a rural road sign for an unincorporated village and thought this might be a good side trip for a few photos. These village’s are still alive but barely. Within their confines are the living, and the not so. As for the not so, I mean the old buildings; those that are worn beyond ages. It’s those that I enjoy seeking out and those I can’t find, well, they have a way of speaking to an old soul. These buildings have ‘souls’; some are very deep; some are dead. It’s with my viewfinder that I seek to capture whatever they have to offer.


    As I drove the still streets I could feel that this village once had a life but it still had a heart. On what I figured to be the main street, I pulled over to the curb and parked. I stepped out, with camera in hand and knew I came to a good place. I walked around the car and was drawn to the well worn sidewalk. From there my eyes were drawn to the base of a large wall and then upwards. Unfolding before me was a mural; very old, very distressed, very soulful ~ and it was calling me.


    (I had to log on again with a 'new' name/email bec there has been issue logging on with the other~originally I was "AKangel89" with email address of sisu1973@yahoo.com ~ I just wanted to let you know that I have been working w/the boot camp assignments)

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