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    Posted October 7, 2011 by
    Newberry, Michigan

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    Get Your Flight At Triple The Price


    I've  been trying to go on vacation to Germany for a couple of years to visit  friends.  I randomly browse dates and fees looking for the best deal.   Usually tickets are very expensive, costing about $1000 per person.    That is before the fees and taxes.  I randomly went on to Travelocity  today to search yet again for my dream vacation.  Imagine my surprise  when my search returned results of just under $320 per person!  I was  ecstatic!  I immediately went through the process of buying a ticket for  my boyfriend and I so that we can go in the spring.  All of a sudden I  am at the Checkout Review page and my overall price has shot up from  $640 to $1858.30!


    I've flown various times before within the  United States and overseas so I know that there are certain fees and  taxes that go along with flying.  The fees and taxes have always been  between $100-$200 per ticket at the most, even when flying from Michigan  to Scotland a few years ago.  I was expecting some sort of extra cost, but not that much.


    I thought that there was surely  an error in the sites calculator.  I clicked on the link that explains  the fees and taxes.  It explained everything, but by my calculations the  absolute most that I could be charged extra per ticket was still under  $400.  Something wasn't adding up.  I called customer service at  Travelocity to ask if I was making a mistake.  The woman was nice enough  to walk through the steps with me and followed the same process on her  own computer.  She came up with the same amount of taxes and fees.  She  explained to me that these extra costs were not set by Travelocity, but  instead by the airlines that the flight is booked through.


    I  had tried a few different airlines by this time and was coming up with  the generally the same numbers.  Why was my $650 flight package turning  into almost $2000 instantly?  I then decided to go to the actual  airlines webpage and try to search for the exact same flight there.  I  was getting the same results.  When clicking on their link to the taxes  and fees explanation, there was a bit more detail.  International taxes,  fees, and surcharges seem to be the culprit in my inflated costs.  I was a  smart shopper and diligently checked airfares for years until I found  something that I could afford.  Now all of a sudden I'm told that it's  going to cost me $908 plus 7.5% (about $25 this time) of my initial  ticket price just in extra fees?!  That's almost three times the price  of my $320 ticket!  It would be even more if I had bought one of the  more expensive tickets that I've found in the past.


    I don't  mind paying taxes.  I know that they go to good things such as upkeep  and security.  What I don't appreciate is having to pay taxes and fees  that go to the greed of some businessman who gets to fly for free  whenever they want anyway.   I work hard for the money I make and the current economy doesn't allow for a lot of expendable income.  I save and save for years, only to be kicked back down when I think I've saved enough or shopped around enough.


    I haven't heard about these kinds  of increases in airlines in the past few years but I think that the  public should be better informed.  There are titles with each of the  fees but it doesn't explain exactly where they go and what they are used  for.  I know that airlines are tacking on fees for luggage and tickets  that seem ridiculous.  How silly of me to want to take a suitcase of  clothes on vacation!  How dare I want a paper ticket to put in a scrap  book!  Whatever happened to the sticker price just being the honest  price?  

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