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    Posted October 9, 2011 by
    New York, New York
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    Occupy Wall Street

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    Oh, The Poetic Justice of It All!


    Jimmy Breslin always says it better than the rest. Breslin nailed it for the 99% Nation by drawing the parallel between marching in Selma 50 years ago and the Occupy Wall Street protests today. As Breslin says,” the cause remains the same”. The privileged few get the best of everything, and the rest get to pay for it.

    Emboldened by all the advantages money can buy, a ruthlessly efficient cartel of privilege has already corrupted our capitalist economy.  A huge percentage of Americans have been dealt the rawest deal imagineable - Taxation Without Representation. The majority of the people no longer believe what their government tells them. Americans no longer believe that their vote matters. The coup d’etat  has already happened, right under Uncle Sam’s nose.

    But hold on people, wait a moment!  Here is the good news. Peaceful freedom fighters, sometimes dressed in curious garb which seems to be made of red, white, and blue tattered cloths, are beginning to raise awareness. This ragtag group seems intent on Taking it to the Street. Of course, the fledgling 99% Nation will face off to a constant barrage of media, corporate, and congressional condescension. The pundit class, the One True Fringe Element in all of this, will provide all the relentless hate speech and false journalism that two thousand cable channels can offer. 


    However, the 99% Nation need not despair. Their fledgling more perfect union is actually protected by an elite society so powerful that it always wins. Yet it never even addresses television cameras. It is made up of a bunch of rich old men that Americans fondly refer to as the Founding Fathers. Those wise old guys were worried sick that one day the power of money might corrupt the government, and overthrow their hard won democracy. They feverishly crafted the Bill of Rights, and that stubborn old thing they insisted on putting in before anything else - the First Amendment.


    You see, over two hundred years ago, the privileged class of America worked really hard to build something for the people, not against the people.  Their legacy is the foundation upon which Occupy Wall Street now stands. Occupy Wall Street and the 99% Nation are a bona fide American protected class, iron-clad and bullet proofed by the power of?  Words.  “Congress...... shall not... abridge the  People’s right to freedom of speech, the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government.”


    Attacking the 99% Nation’s right to assemble, speak, and petition is tantamount to attacking the Founding Fathers’ very own words.


    Oh, say can you see, the poetic justice of it all?

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