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    Posted October 11, 2011 by
    Tyler, Texas
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    Occupy Wall Street

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    The List "Occupy Wall Street"


    “The List” Occupy Wall Street



    There’s a buzz among the observers of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. You might say it’s more of an under lying question that we all keep searching for. What are the demands or grievances of this movement?


    There seems to be a unifying theme that the movement doesn’t want one single voice, or party, to be associated with them. So, what is the movement about, and what are those involved seeking?


    I searched the net daily hoping someone or something would quench my thirst with a rational explanation of what is going on. But, if you have tried this yourself you too have found that there is no resolve to be had. I came across the website “we are the 99%” which had photos of people with hand written notes of their personal strife. I too thought I could make a photo of what I’ve went through. With pen in head, I pondered what to write for some time then found myself wondering what I was to accomplish by writing down my story. By talking about my problems probably wasn’t going to fix them. I felt inspired reading that others had gone through what I had gone through, I guess I felt better knowing I wasn’t the only one.


    The question then turned inward, what do I want? I felt a certain bond with those in the movement since I too went through terrible financial downfalls over the last 3 to 4 years. I too wanted to see change. The question is what kind of change do I want to see?


    I wasn’t sure at first. I felt like many of the people involved in the movement who seem to stumble and search for words to express their discontent but cannot. Did I want more regulations or less? Did I want lower taxes, or an increase for those considered rich? None of these questions even began to touch the surface of my frustration.

    Instead the questions became more profound. What kind of world do I want my children to be a part of? Do I want to fix the system, or do I want a whole new one altogether? These profound questions are spurred on by the vagueness of this movement. Because there is no clear cut list of demands one has to begin to come up with their own. There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.


    So here’s my list of my ideas what are yours?


    1.       I want a world where when someone creates a cure for a disease it doesn’t get used for profit; rather, it should be available to all who need it. (Society can raise millions in hours on a telethon; imagine who would give to a fund that truly heals people. Stop worrying about who’s going to pay for it, instead make sure it’s not done for profit. The funds will be enough if mankind agrees to keeps its hands off.)


    2.       Society everywhere in the world must understand that education is the key to a better world. I want my Government to stop running our schools. (Unless you have children in school today it’s hard to understand how far off course we’ve gotten. In America we have a program called “No Child Left Behind.” Great names like this are used by politicians to get votes for programs; however, the program should read “No Teacher Left Standing.” When did America begin to lose its way? When we created the Dept. of Education and said we can’t raise our children you do it, and handed it over to the government we made a mistake. It’s OK to make mistakes as long as your learn from them and fix them. The world must embrace the children, they are our future.


    3.       I think it’s time to rethink our currency. No more Booms and Bust in our economy. Each day we all get up and go about our business. We eat, sleep, surf the web, and try to spend a little time with the one we love. So, why must economies have booms where all of sudden people start buying things? The economy picks up and people start talking about becoming rich. We invest, and safe. Were contracted to build more stuff, all kinds of stuff, like TV’s, Sofas, Cars, Homes, etc…..then all of sudden, people stop buying. Why? Does the economy have to be so cyclical or is it a product of phony money? Maybe we need to rethink the medium for the exchange of goods altogether. Something that’s puts the value on the goods and the labor involved, instead of a piece of paper or digits on a screen. Money should be the medium for the exchange of value, not the actual value itself.


    4.       End Religious separation. We all want what’s best for our children. Even if we live in Russia, Iran, China, Iraq, Europe, Africa, Australia, or wherever we all want what’s best for our family and the ones we love. The only thing that separates us is Religion. How do I create a better world for my children if half the planet is waiting for it to come to an end? Love your God, and love your neighbor just as much. Everything else is Religion.


    5.       Allow innovation into the market place without government intervention. Everyone on the planet knows that there are many inventions that are being kept from the world. From free energy, to a cure for cancer, let those who have power over these offices be removed and the truths to be illuminated.


    6.       I don’t want to vote on someone else to be my voice; I WANT TO BE MY VOICE! I’m tired of parties. When people make decisions on what’s best for their party instead of what’s best for their country, then there’s a problem. I don’t want to vote my voice away, I want to use it. We have the internet let’s use it. Do we need politicians to make the decisions for us? Or do we need them to administer our request? We make the decisions they follow them. We inspect what we expect and liberty prevails. Imagine the power when one day society decides what companies they do business with through communication. If a company gets caught being corrupt society simply spends its money somewhere else. When society can shut down a major company at will, then the current power structure that is place now will tremble in the shoes. Humanity will have taken its power back.


    7.       Clear all Debts and hit restart. We all know that the world is so far in debt it can never be paid back. The interest on debt continues to climb and we all continue to borrow to keep ourselves a float. Debt becomes generational because my children will be burden with the spending and the wars we create today. How can we look the children of the future in the face and say, “here pay this back for us”? If you are someone who has saved your whole live, and don’t feel it’s fair for others to be given a free ride or fresh start, I get that. But upon further research you too will agree that the prosperity that would happen world would be unlike anything in history. All of the debt is owed to a few families on this planet. Not the top 1% but the owners of the money supply. We have allowed the Federal Reserve and the IMF to print the currency of the world. Imagine the power you could have if you could create money as fast you could print it. What if you could make money faster than you could print it? Lastly, what if there were no laws in the world, or no country that controlled you? This is what we have today, and this what we should make sure never happens again. Clean the slate of bondage which is debt. Give mankind a reboot. It’s time for ethics to control power. If someone is losing their home let them own it. Trust me property values will go up if people take ownership of their property. This debt relief may seem impossible but it can be done and will usher in a whole new world. I’m ready are you?



    There were seven days in creation. These seven requests for a better world might take longer than seven days, but at least they chart a course for prosperity and hope.


    There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea whose time has come.


    Shane Richardson freeandindependent@yahoo.com

    I’m a part of the 99%

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