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    Posted October 12, 2011 by

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    Technology, Good or Bad?


    In recent years, technology has improved at an unbelievable pace.  Is this rapid growth in technology for the best though?  It is now so easy for people to get information.  This is very beneficial, but it also makes it a lot easier for criminals to gain information.  The ultimate question is, do the positives of technology outweigh the negatives of technology?

    Technology is obviously helpful to people.  The current technology people have allows there to be less waste, more productivity, less manual labor and technology just makes everyday life easier on people.  People now have more free time because of technology.  Information can also be transported much more efficiently too, while it’s via the internet or a flash drive.  People don’t have to carry around as much as they use to.

    However, there are many negatives to technology.   Social networking sites, like Facebook, have so much information about people’s personal lives.  If someone were to hack a person account, they could gain a lot of information about that person.  Hackers can also hack into many other accounts and can steal large amounts of money without leaving their house.  Another negative is that information can easily be deleted.  If people are not careful of how information is saved or how often they save information, then if a computer suddenly has a problem that information can easily be deleted.  Also, it seems that technology has made people much lazier.

    With the many negatives of technology I would still have to say that the positives technology do outweigh the negatives.  Technology just makes every easier on people.  The convenience, which is created by technology, helps everyone.  It is so easily to communicate and transfer information.  Modern technology has definitely changed the world and will continue to do so.

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