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    Posted October 14, 2011 by
    New York, New York
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    Jeffress: Perry’s Pastor Problem


    Crass, puerile, rude.


    Perhaps my cartoon is. But you can add bigoted and demented to the list when referring to presidential hopeful Rick Perry’s pastor pal, Robert Jeffress. So ultimately, my scribbling pales in comparison and is an apropos response to the lunatic ravings of this Baptist evangelist who’s claimed Mitt Romney “is not a Christian”, that “Mormonism is a cult” and “ a heresy from the pit of Hell.”


    Romney’s had many calls of support in the face of Jeffress’ ideological idiocy- and from the entire political and public spectrum. Like him or not as a candidate, his religious affiliation has nothing to do with his capacity to hold office.


    Pressed whether or not he was acting improperly, as the Constituton states there can never be a religious test for office, Jeffress responded that while the government can’t do so, a person “can impose any kind of test you want to.”


    Like if you’re black, or a woman, or disabled or blue-eyed or left-handed or indeed, of a religion like Mormonism that doesn’t appear ‘pure’ to an orthodox fanatic like Jeffress? It’s called discrimination and there are indeed laws against it, though while Jeffress’ free speech rights may be his work-around to being labeled (or prosecuted as) a bigot, we all know he is one.


    Perry for his part, has replaced his initial Halleluja response to Jeffress’ pulpit call with some parsed mumblings about Mormonism not being a cult, and while appreciating the evangelical pastor’s endorsement he doesn’t necessarily agree with everything he says.


    I’ll leave on this note. I have faith that not many Evangelicals would validate Jeffress’ remarks, and as far as the unhinged pastor goes, it might be best to remember that at one point in history, a certain gentle Nazarean was considered a cult leader himself.

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