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    Watertown, New York
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    In NYC But, 'TROJAN VIBRATIONS' Are Not Sold In AL, GA,TX, MS, LA, KS or VA.


    "The Trojan Vibrations commercials are suitably vague, but it appears to be what you and I would know as a good old-fashioned vibrator, "woman for the stimulation of" as they say. Hysterical ad but then there's the disclaimer.


    The commercial shows a group of seemingly professional suburban women sitting around exchanging birthday gifts, and, guess what, three of them have given the birthday girl a Trojan Vibrations thing.


    Supposedly it "blows your hair back", and the girls in question turn to show that their hair is, indeed, blown back, signifying that they have brought themselves off with the Trojan product (although hopefully not the one they just wrapped up for birthday girl).


    Now on the one hand I'm delighted to see the open advertisement of vibrating sex toys, since it signifies a society which accepts sex as more than religiously approved baby-making.


    However I can't help wondering what would happen if they advertised the male equivalent. There is a massive double standard when it comes to sexuality, and it's exactly the reverse of what you might imagine.


    When a group of girls go to watch a male stripper they're "just out to have a good time" whereas a group of men going to a strip club are "typical seedy, dirty guys".


    Of course if you live in Alabama you'll be waiting a while yet for this progress.

    It's one of seven states which appear at the bottom of the commercial where Trojan Vibrations are not for sale.


    They are, not surprisingly, mainly southern states: Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Virginia.


    I'm not going to point out the contrast between the desire for gun ownership in these states and their apparent fear of sex toys, mainly because I like  gun ownership."


    But not encouraging the general population to experiment with vibrating sex aids and own one of these is just down right unreasonable.

    It does seem strange though that any state would attempt to prohibit something as harmless as a vibrator while quite openly allowing gay sex.


    I can only assume that gay sex is tolerated down there because the Federal Government says it has to be, and maybe because it's kind of hard to stop it. I mean, you can close down the vibrator stores but....


    It's true that there was an attempt to overturn the vibrator law in Alabama but the state courts sided with the legislature and the US Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal, thus condemning the good people of Alabama to a vibrator-less wilderness.


    In any case it goes to show the huge hang-ups that parts of America still have with sex, especially parts where religion is deeply entrenched. (Guess what, the Taliban doesn't approve of vibrators either.)


    Women vibrators are not sold in these Red States. Didn't know that such things were restricted in the South.


    How many others commonly sold and used products are not sold in AL, GA,TX, MS, LA, KS and VA?

    So much for keeping "Big Government out of the bedroom". LOL



    An ad for this product came on during the movie I was watching and the disclaimer was listed at the bottom of the TV screen.


    Actually, I couldn't believe it...at first..then thought about it...yeah..it makes sense..to them.


    Here's an Ad you most likely won't see on Southern TV.



    What's with the South these days? LOL


    Maybe this is the same mentality that puts abortion legislation before Job Bills in the U.S. House.


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    Trojan 'Vibrations' Truck Provokes Candid Discussion About Sex


    Still trying to understand the Conservative values....LOL


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