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    Posted March 30, 2008 by
    Ping-Tung, Taiwan

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    Taiwan Animal Cruelty 1/Dogs Brutally Slaughtered for Meat by Wangs for Over 50 Yrs Still Operating

    Picture 1: Wang with the dog he captured Picture 2: Wang demonstrates the killing processing Picture 3: The Slaughter House Picture 4: Inside the Slaughter House (a lot of butcher tools Picture 5: The truck used to transporting dogs Picture 6: A Golden Retriever was killed and draining in water Picture 7: Wang and son try to stop the reporter from entering the slaughter house Picture 8 & 9 & 10: Dogs captured and in cage waiting to be butchered. Picture 10: Dog meat dish purchased from Wang Video links: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtAomqi5H9Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz_d5kqsbwA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR7IxOnAdBk http://www.ettoday.com/2008/01/31/124-2226104.htm http://news.yam.com/view/mkvideopage.php/20080131431577 I am a Taiwanese immigrant who resides in U.S.A. for several years. Recently, I have involved with various stray dog problems in Taiwan, and found out every single day, there are unethical and brutal treatments to stray animals by numerous citizens, professional dog catchers, dog butchers and even the government workers! I have made numerous calls to the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, R.O.C. and local Ping-tung Livestock Disease Control Center, but they are just pushing the cases between one another. Therefore, I have gathered with several Taiwanese animal protection advocators and have gather and translated the following information and sincerely plea for you or your organization’s attention and help us persuade the Taiwanese government to face and treat these issues seriously. As well as help us and teach us to find a humane solution for the poor stray dogs in Taiwan. Thank you. The 2 major issues for strays in Taiwan are Bear traps that cause and force dogs to lose their legs and Dog Butcher House/Restaurant. Both of them are against the Taiwanese Animal Protection Law, but poor strays are still facing or encountering these dangers every single day! I. Dog meat butcher houses and restaurants As Chinese people believe that dog meat is the most nutritious meat of all, many people enjoy eating dog meat, especially during winter. With steady customers, huge profits at very low costs as well as very little law enforcement, many dog meat restaurants still exist in Taiwan and most of them have been operating for more than 10 years. One of the largest dog meat suppliers has been operating for more than 50 years. Their dog meat sources are ranging from stray dogs, even pet dogs they captured for breeding and farming the puppies for food. A. *Case 1: Dogs brutally slaughtered by Wang&rsquo Caught On Action: a. Date and Time: July 18, 2007 b. Location: Shui-Jin Dog Meat Restaurant c. Address: No.52, Sinsing Rd., Chaojhou Township, Pingtung County 920, Taiwan (R.O.C.) d. Dog meat restaurant owner, butcher, whole-seller and cook: Wang’s Family (Father, two sons and one daughter) e. The incident: The Kaohsuing Concern Stray Animal Association received an anonymous call from concerned citizen saying there is a dog meat restaurant in Ping-tung which has been operating for more than 50 years. Every month 500 plus dogs were killed brutally and violently by Wang family. Not only they kill dogs to supply for their own restaurant, but also they have been supplied to the “hot pot” restaurants all over Taiwan. The Kaohsung Concern Stray Animal Association went after this largest dog meat supplier for 2 weeks, and had finally caught their actions on tape (please refer to the following links for the videos for Wang’s atrocious actions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtAomqi5H9Y http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wz_d5kqsbwA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR7IxOnAdBk (I have requested the original footages from Kaohsuing Concern Stray Animal Association)
    These videos showed the dog butcher house was packed with adult dogs and puppies. Wang would just butcher these dogs in front of other living dogs. He would start by stabbing the dog’s throat. The video caught that a Basset Hound was trying to escape, but the butcher would just drag the dog’s 2 back legs and lift it up and start the slaughter process. As the animal association volunteers entered in the slaughter house while Wang’s out to catch more dogs, the dogs in the house are crying for help. The video also shows that they have numerous brutal dog slaughtering tools all over the house. When the government got involved and asked Mr. Wang (father) to demonstrate how the dog slaughtering was done, he would simply pick up the dog from its tail or drag the dog’s front feet and throw it onto the butcher board. The son also explained the process of slaughtering poor dogs: drag dog, stab it with knife, drain out the blood, soak it then burn it and use tools to take off the fur and skinned the dogs – all these vicious actions are done in front of other living dogs!!!! The camera also caught there were large amount of dog flesh (40 kg) stored in the giant refrigerator. Volunteers knew they have to catch the killing actions on tape in order to get Wang family prosecuted with the Animal Protection Law, therefore, they can not stop Wang in action and rescue the dogs while they are taping. In addition, the dog had to die; otherwise the Wang family won’t be prosecuted on the account of slaughtering the dogs and be punished by law. (Even with dog’s flesh and tools in the slaughter house, the government won’t prosecute them with slaughtering the dogs!!!) When this tape was revealed, many Taiwanese Medias have reported this incident, and along with many animal lovers argued the responsible government agency, Ping-tung Livestock Disease Control Center, to fine Wang family with the highest punishment. According the Animal Protection Law, Wang’s family can be fined from TWD$50,000 (USD$1,660.44) to TWD$250,000 (USD$8,302.20). As the evidence is very hard to obtain, we can only hope each person of this family to be fined with TWD$250,000 each. However, we later follow up the government, and it ends up the father of Wang family was the only one been prosecuted, and he got fined with only TWD$150,000 (USD$4,981.3200). Rumor says that he still hasn’t finish pay up the fine yet because all the money goes into Wang’s sons’ pocket and Wang has no property or money under his name, and the authority can not force him to pay up! f. Profit Behind Dog Meat Market The Wang family is killing 500+ dogs every month. Each dog they can make TWD$300 to TWD$900 according to its size. If we took the average of TWD$600 for each dog, the Wang family makes TWD$300,000 (USD$9,956.69) a month! Wangs would slaughter the adult dogs, and feed the puppies until they are one year old then butchered them! g. What happened after the 1^st ^expose? Sadly to say, Shui-Jin Dog Meat Restaurant is still operating and killing 20+ dogs everyday. Wang family is not afraid of the authority since the government is lacking adequate manpower to inspect the restaurant frequently and regularly. In addition, with steady customers, Wang would change the location often and still has large income from its regular customers. The customers won’t report to the authority since they enjoy dog meat; on the other hand, animal lovers won’t be able to know where they moved to since they do not eat dog meat (and not their regulars). Later, citizens reported his actions to the government 2 more times, but the government only fines them the 1^st on (very little) and gave them ONLY warring on the 2nd^ time!!! On January 30th, 2008, the Pingtung Livestock Ping-tung Livestock Disease Control Center was reported to a call by an anonymous citizen to check out the Wang’s slaughter factory (please refer to this link for the news reported on that day: http://www.ettoday.com/2008/01/31/124-2226104.htm http://news.yam.com/view/mkvideopage.php/20080131431577) Must watch! Many dogs still treat Wang as master and wagging their tails! Very heart-breaking. The video, again, shows the same family with a new butcher house location. Large amount of dog flesh is again stored in the refrigerator and many live dogs are still there and wait for be slaughtered, including many puppies. Wang, a very cunning person, later claimed that he picked up the dog’s bodies from the road, and the 40+ dogs in his fringe were dead originally because of various car accidents. This is a very ridiculous excuse, but he did succeed!! The government agent said since there are no “slaughtering action” was caught “live,” Wang was only prosecuted with selling the dog meat, not slaughtering!!! Supposedly, Wang, a repeat offender, should be punished with the highest penalty (ethically). This time Wang was fined with TWD$70,000 (USD$2,324.08) when he can be fined up to TWD$250,000(USD$8,302.20).
    On March 3rd 2008, a citizen posted a message on the Animal Rescue Team Taiwan’s message board saying that his father just bought the dog meat from Wang’s family. He felt disgusted therefore took pictures of the dog meat and post it on the web to see if anyone can provide advice on how to stop Wang family. Another person saw it and reported to the Ping-tung Livestock Disease Control Center. Later Ping-tung Livestock Disease Control Center went to Wang’s restaurant to inspect. The government agent claimed that he did go to Wang’s restaurant and gave him a verbal warning. VERBAL WARNING ONLY!!! Right now we heard that Wang is still doing business and many poor dogs are still by killed in the most brutal and sicken ways every day. Please, help them! Also, news also reported there are dog meat restaurants that also do trap and butcher all over in Taiwan, especially in the southern part of Taiwan, such as Kaohsiung city. Taiwanese strays are in desperate help from *experience and knowledgeable animal protection specialists or groups to teach Taiwanese government to establish the system correctly and humanely. If everything were reported to the Taiwanese government without national support and supervise,the government would just take all the dogs in and kill them all *in also brutal ways. Please refer to this link for how the Taiwanese government put down the shelter dogs: +http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQLnJawo6k0&eurl=+ (All dogs died in fear and desperation…we don’t want to see that happens...) We sincerely hope experience and knowledgeable animal protection specialists or groups can help to provide Taiwanese government ideas to solve the stray dog problem in more HUMANE ways, such was neuter and spay. Thank you very much for your attention. More Brutal Animal Torture by some Taiwanese civilians to come (in translating process): 2. A professional dog trapper that works for Wang’s family. 3. Bear Traps Are All Over in Taiwan – have caused more than thousands of healthy dogs and cats lose their legs and live with restricted freedom for the rest of their lives! 4. Robber bands rapped on dog’s mouths and necks caused dogs’ heads swelled can easily found everywhere in Taiwan 5. A daschund mix found skinned alive and abandoned on the street 6. Disgusting animal tortures done by Taiwanese soldiers. 6. Dogs eating dogs at government owned shelter and back yard or professional breeding farm 7. Dog tortures done by Taiwanese elementary students and college students – what’s wrong with the education? 8. Other unthinkable wicked ways done by Taiwanese civilians to make strays suffer and sometimes cause their lives. 9. What Taiwanese animal rights advocators hope the government to do to help in the stray dog problem?
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