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    Posted October 17, 2011 by
    Los Angeles, California
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    Occupy Wall Street

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    We Are the 99% Occupy Los Angeles March for Government Changes


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     ActNow99 attended the protest with her best friend, Steve Gaglio, who took the pictures. She was there to protest 'for changes in how our government is spending our tax dollars and how our elected officials are being controlled by the richest 1%'.

    ActNow99 talked with many people at the protest about what was frustrating them: 'I saw people from all walks of life. I spoke with everyone and anyone. [...]many people spoke of greed. Greedy money lenders and politicians. The 99% paying their taxes, so that the 1% can profit'.

    'I think the Occupy protests are growing and getting attention that our government needs to listen to the 99%. I am a proponent of non-violent civil disobedience to affect change. If one wants to act, to speak up, to join others in a common goal, then they can access a site at moment notice and do it. No more excuses.'
    - jne2013, CNN iReport producer

    "We Are the 99%!" chanted people united for a change in our United States government.  "We Are the 99%!" chanted working families defaulting on mortgages bloated by banker greed.  "We Are the 99%!" chanted graduated college students who can't find jobs to pay back 30 year loans.  "We Are the 99%!" shouted young people robbed by our government who bailed out corporate America.  "We Are the 99%!" shouted Americans whose tax dollars were used to pay bonus monies to corporate executives.  "We Are the 99%!" shouted Americans who pay more taxes than the richest 1% who are being bailed out by our government.  "We Are the 99%!" shouted Americans who want national medical care provided for one and all through our tax dollars, no more billions wasted on the corporate war machine.  "We Are the 99%!"

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