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    Posted October 18, 2011 by
    Hudson, Florida
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    GOP presidential primary: Who's your pick?

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    Very little new in debates


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     mjy is an independent, 'left-of-center' voter. He watched last night's CNN-hosted GOP debate in Nevada, and was not impressed with what he saw. For him, Gingrich had the strongest showing, and Romney is most likely to secure the nomination, but neither struck him as a compelling candidate. 'Integrity has fled American politics,' he said. 'This trust has been lost. It will take an exceptional leader to regain it. I don't see it in the Republican candidates or the current administration.'
    - jmsaba, CNN iReport producer

    The debates tend to be repeat performances where same ol' same ol' reins.  Perhaps they got a little testier tonight for public consumption but it is clear that no one candidate has adequate public confidence.


    I find the most rational rhetoric coming from Paul.  Unfortunately, I cannot agree with the Libertarian point of view and Paul's slash and burn tactics for Government.  Although I fully agree with his desire to significantly cut the military budget and close many of our bases abroad.  The threats are overplayed.


    Perry's pompous stuffed shirt image undermines his appeal to voters. Bachman continues to say little of value and refuses to address questions directly.  Santorum held his own but has no chance to to be the R flag bearer in the election.


    Cain is fun to watch but once you get past his show you realize 9-9-9 is not workable and other than broad brush strokes there is little meat to his agenda.  That's much the same for the others.  I must say the most polished and informed of the bunch is Gingrich but he cannot be trusted and carries too much baggage.


    All that said Obama and the Democratic party have dug a very deep hole and lost tremendous opportunities during the first two years in office and that cost them the House and any hope of success with the Obama agenda.  I suspect the same if he is reelected. .


    Whoever carries the flag for the R nomination will have to rely on a vote against Obama.  On the other hand Obama may have his victory due to a public voting against the feckless R choice.


    This country is in need of a very talented leader to say what needs to be said and present  a sensible agenda.  The issues facing America today cannot be solved with simplistic sound bites.   I don't see that wisdom in any of the R debaters.  America's in trouble with these choices and the ship of state is rudderless and hard pressed to find an effective Captain in either camp, D or R.

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