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    Posted October 25, 2011 by
    New Delhi India, India

    US Consulates exploiting Indian H1B candidates during Visa Interview


    Hello CNN,


    What will happen when the law is used legally to ruin people lives? When the law is used to do crime?

    Don't you think that Consulates decision to not to issues a Visa to a person can't be a crime?


    Yes, its a crime and its happening. The US Consulate Visa officers abroad has no sense and shows no respect to human life. They are ruining Highly Qualified Skilled Specialists life.


    The story behind is: When an IT specialists working in USA from 4 years on H1B Visa and wants to return to home to see his family abroad, can't go back to USA as Visa officer thinks the person is staying illegally in USA and he doesn't have any job and they rejects his/her Visa or delay for more than 4 months to let him/her go back to his work.


    How come the IT specialists paying 33% of his salary in taxes yearly, almost 2000 USD per month and 24000 USD per year can be a jobless in USA? Even after submitting all kinds of supporting documents showing proof of job or work, Visa Officer feels the person is jobless or criminal and he can't go back. When a person stays in USA, he will at least have a rented home to stay, a car to travel, insurances and other liabilities to pay. How he will settle the payments for them, if he/she doesn't hold the job because of immegration delays? I have lost everything my new car, my home with rent 1500$/month, my furniture, electronics items back in USA as I could not go back. I hate these policies. The Visa officers are similar  to criminals. When USCIS approves a petition for extention why should Visa officer rejects the application without asking USCIS, or with no valid reason? Why can't they call client and check if the person is really working or not?


    Please raise a voice against this legal crime and theact against humanity. Like me there are thousands of people who got affected because this and paid heavy price, for not doing any crime or illegal work. Some people have approached Senators, some filed petition in white house but nothing is working. Consulates needs to review the application/status first before doing any rejection. My client back in US is a US govt. and they got surprised by the decision. If you are going first time its ok but if some one is staying there and has liabilities at least they should issue a temp Visa to settle it.


    CNN, please make this as a News.


    from hearts of,

    An Ex-American Resident.



    !God Bless America!

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