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    Posted October 25, 2011 by
    New York, New York

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    The Shiny in Comic-Con


    As the next Comic-Con approaches Austin TX in November (http://www.wizardworldcomiccon.com), we look to the recent NYC conference and their goodies galore.


    Exhibitors and Panels presented their best at NYCC, producing eye candy irresistible to the costumed masses. With an overload of childhood favorites and new release promos, many felt the tempting wane of their wallet. A Cultyard area brought innovative variations in design, artistry, new/resale products, tech, toys, etc. The selections were astounding.


    The plushie Vamplets, baby vampyres, had a grand gothic booth that easily drew onlookers. They exhibited a “cute & fun approach” to vampdom. A bit of exciting news is the pick up of their product line by Toys R’ Us. Their merchandise includes Vampets (such as zombie guinea pigs and rabid rabbits) with more expansion to come. Additionally, a book is in the making, written by the creator G-Ra. Gayle Middleton aka G-Ra was also a designer of The Littlest Pet Shop and My Little Pony.


    These six Vamplets have enchanting backgrounds. “Rose Shadowlyn is sweet as a thorn. Count Vlad Von Gloom is very aristocratic and fussy, while Burton Creepson Jr needs our love more than anyone. Dark and tormented, he’s the baby artist. Even though they’re cute and cuddly they come with warnings cuz you have to be warned when you bring a baby vampire into your house.”


    From plushie to plastic, we then find the Mimobots. Evan Blaustein (a toy collector like most in Mimoco) was once searching for a flash drive but was handed a TRON bearbrick (a designer collectible toy). The aesthetics of the bearbrick circuitry was similar to flash drive size and weight. Blaustein saw a market for the combination and wanted to turn the commodity product to a limited edition designer product.


    Mimoco opened their line to licenses with companies such as Star Wars, Hello Kitty and now Emily the Strange. They plan to bring back stronger artist series in 2012 as they have with tokidoki, Gary Basemen and others. Keeping with limited edition productions, their first DC series released 5 characters of a vintage 1939 Batman. Mimobot “took a utilitarian consumer electronic product and turned it into a limited edition collectible art piece. A Mimobot is a designer toy with a digital soul.”


    Further into NYCC, it was no surprise to see photo opportunities with the Batmobile and the ‘Back to the Future’ DeLorean. Vader’s Fist, a costuming organization, was in also full gear and character. A popular vampire sighting was James Marsters at the autograph section. Ironically, Vampire Slayer, Eliza Dushku, was a few tables down from James.


    One notable comic series has plans for a feature film mentioned in the New Gen panel http://www.newgenuniverse.com. With Mark Hamill officially their Creative Consultant, New Gen continues its stellar development. The epic story is set in a dimension “hovering above New Jersey and New York City” with twin superheroes and an environment of nanotechnology. “…witnessing NEW-GEN evolve from a fascinating germ of an idea into a fully realized and beautifully rendered comic book universe has been a real thrill for me” – Mark Hamill.


    We all look forward to the many many gifts each comic-con has to offer.

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