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    Posted October 27, 2011 by
    Xu Wen, China

    China, Guangdong, Xuwen a junior boy shot and killed at the school gate


    Nanfang Daily (Reporter / Long Han) 11:40 last night, Xuwen County, Zhanjiang Xuwen school shooting incident occurred at the entrance side, the Ministry of Xuwen junior high school (secondary school Meixi) third-year students in Lin was shot dead. Currently, Zhanjiang City has set up an investigation team on the case for further investigation.

    Police confirmed the boy was shot dead

    23:40 day before yesterday, a student named section under the self-study course just opposite the entrance to the school store to buy things, "is to pay when I heard two shots and then chaos." Students named to the section where gunshots ring looked and found a few meters outside the snack bar near the thyme, a male student collapsed, bleeding, "the incident is a sudden, the boys have not even react already the gun. " The presence of other students scared Scream, hiding.

    Yesterday, the reporter Xuwen Public Security Bureau to verify that, the gun is Xuwen School middle school boys (Meixi school) grade students in Lin, sent to hospital yesterday morning after she died.

    Prior to the incident the deceased had an altercation with others

    According to the section of the students said that the murderer is a man about 20 years old, when she ride a motorcycle with two men. "The man with long hair riding in front, holding the hands of a man sitting behind a shotgun." Section of the students said, because at that time is late at night, two men's looks and dress are not clear.

    According to eyewitnesses, two men through the snack bar the door, the motorcycle suddenly slow down, armed men fired a shot toward the snack bar inside the bullet grazed the manager, but then the man and make a shot, playing high school students , they speed up to escape, "The whole process lasted less than a minute, two men, a word unknown." According to informed sources, the deceased had with people in the late night before the altercation.

    Students said the school of law and order than the chaos surrounding

    "When the end of September this year, it is said to be a student of our school community youth broke into Laikan." In school student told reporters that security around Xuwen school has been very good, but in 2009, the police stepped up patrols around the school , law and order has improved, "but after the Spring Festival this year, they rarely see police patrols, law and order began to chaos."

    "We are very afraid." Section of the students said the third year have been great pressure, want a safe environment for the review. According to Xuwen secondary school students that due to lack of school dormitories, schools allow students to apply for outside accommodation, "which also gives young people an opportunity outside of society, often seen with young students and school social contacts.  In addition to high school and started the first semester, the school will require students to stay in school mandatory, the rest of the semester, students can find their own home. "Xuwen high school students told reporters that there are about hundreds of students living outside.

    "In addition, we 23:30 until the next self-study, there are a lot of people outside the study hall to the school after late night." Many students told reporters reflect the school's security force is limited to within the school, students in schools around the difficult security guarantee.

    3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from Xuwen County Public Security Bureau, the night after the incident, the responsible person Xuwen county public security bureau rushed to the scene of emergency treatment, and full investigation into the case now.

    PS: The news report is not the whole truth. We need to give the boy a justice truth. He lives in the school, school shuld be responsable.

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