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    Posted November 1, 2011 by

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    Poor Voting Turnout Needs To Change


    Through time the percentage of eligible voters that vote during presidential elections has gone way down.  In the past few elections only about half of our eligible voters have voted in the presidential elections.  The United States was created so the people could have a say in who is in government.  Now only about half of the people who can vote, will use their vote.  Voter turnout definitely needs to increase.

    There are three times in United States history that the electorate has increased.  After each time the electorate increased, there was a spike in voter turnout.  The first time was when African-Americans gained the right to vote after the civil war.  When women gained the right to vote would be the second time.  After the Vietnam war would be the third time, when eight-teen became the minimum age to vote.  People fought so hard to gain the right to vote.

    In our nation’s history the voting trend is to have worse voter turnout when things are going well and to have an increase in voter turnout when there are major issues facing our nation.  Also, in the 1800s about 70%-80% of eligible voters used their right to vote.  Around the turn of the 20th century the percentage of people voting began to drop.  In the 1920s it dropped below 50% and hasn’t increased too much over the years since, except for during the depression and the 1950s and ‘60s.

    The low voting turnout could be because of many reasons.  Many people don’t vote because of their jobs.  Either they don’t have the time to go vote or they are just too tired from a day’s work.  There also tend to be very long lines that a lot of people just refuse to stand and wait in.  Another reason is that most people have family commitments.  Parents have to be at home to take care of their children and can’t afford to go wait in the long voting lines.

    There are many solutions to fixing the poor voter turnout.  To avoid waiting in lines, there should be more booths available to vote in and more people working the voting stations.  Another solution could be to make Election Day a national holiday, where many people will not have to work.  If people aren’t busy with their work, they are more likely to go vote.

    It is obvious that there is a huge problem with voter turnout.  Something definitely needs to be done to make sure every eligible voter is using their vote.  The United States needs to have the whole country decided the leaders of our nation, not just half of all American voters.

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