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    Posted November 5, 2011 by
    San Diego, California
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    Beer Pairing with Lost Abbey


    San Diego Beer Week kicked off with a craft beer pairing at the Mistral Restaurant.


    Chef Patrick Ponsaty & Sous Chef Jonathan Freyberg created a unique menu to pair with the Lost Abbey craft selection.





    Salmon gravlax, citrus, orange, tuile paired with the Inferno Ale.

    Inferno Ale 8.5%. I liked the ale taste with a citrus flavor. It was a rather light flavored beer, though it certainly has its potency. It was served with a little bit of head and I was told that the head adds to the flavor which may well be true. It doesn't fall flat like a lot of light beers might after you take a sip. It has a taste that lingers and fades away in a nice hint of citrus. Its a beer you could drink several glasses of. Its a good long drinking beer and works well with Salmon.


    Assorted vegetables beignet, aoili paired with the Devotion Ale.

    Devotion Ale at 6.25% has more body. It does not a citrus flavor, and it was  described as a having a little bit of a spice though I didn't taste it. This one does tend to fall flat after your drink it. The taste just kind of disappears. One of those beers where... it wouldn't be my first choice. Its ok. The pairing works good together. The beer matches the flavor of the fried food and tones down or washes down the heavy fried flavor.


    Marinated short rib, Judgment Day sauce, brussel sprouts paired with Judgment Day Beer.

    Judgment Day 10.5%. This one is going to Heaven! Very flavorful without being too strong. Raisin in the flavoring, and a little bit sweet, it deceivingly tastes mildly alcoholic. It doesn't have a long lasting after taste, but it's good. You drink it and it goes down easy with is pairing. The best way to pair this with the beef is to taste it not with the food, but next to the food by waiting about 15 or 20 seconds between tasting one then the other.


    Tete de moine cheese "swiss cow milk", walnut bread paired with Red Barn Ale.

    Red Barn Ale 6.7%. Interesting beer that has a very tangy flavor. It has somewhat of a strong taste to begin with and lingers for a little while. It's not a bad beer but it has a taste that is reminiscent of Michelob in taste and look. A peculiar beer - not a bad choice for a dessert or finishing beer but maybe not my first choice. Paired with the cheese it has a complimentary flavor though this beer may not stand well on its own.




    The Lost Abbey/Mistral beer pairing gave me an opportunity to taste some good beers and some lesser beers. You have beers you like and some beers not so much. Tonight I would say it was a 50/50. The Inferno Ale was nice. Judgment day was an excellent beer with the main course. Devotion & Red Barn Ale are certainly better than a lot of the mainstream beers but marginally so. Yet if choosing between Devotion and a typical Macrobrew, I'd take Devotion most certainly. This was a great experience, a great setting, a great way to taste the beers, and a great way to have some good food with a great atmosphere at a top notch restaurant. When you are tasting the different beers with the food pairings, even if it is a beer you might not like so much, it broadens your tastes in comparison and to helps you decide what beers you like which prepares you for your next beer purchase.

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