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    Posted November 7, 2011 by
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    Human Rights Violation, Homicides in Canada

    Human Rights Violation, Homicides in Canada

    Citizens are assaulted with powerful radar during the period of time a  they try to defend themselves from criminal allegations; the mob in  Canada is combining powerful radar assaults with criminal allegations;

    Powerful Radar Targeting System Theory


    My experience in Laval Quebec Canada has been about 4 years of criminal  harassment, provocation and threats linked to stress, cortisol, and  adrenaline to deplete potassium linked to the bodies buffer system,  combined with sleep deprivation through sound technology, sound  technology such as the 2005 award winning HSS Hypersonic Sound  technology, to induce acid-base imbalance linked to physical damage,  premature aging, and calcium depletion;


    This  was followed by radar assaults starting in 2010, followed by 2011  criminal allegations of uttering threats on Facebook in a post for  discussion called Mobbing Research .. , the Laval police entering my  home without warrant and seizing my computers without warrant combined  with an unlawful assessment order before trial for non-criminal  responsibility, non-criminal responsibility would sanction the arrest  and charges, search and seizure without a warrant;

    Targeting System Theory

    I first believed that the combination of calcium depletion and radar  assaults was an attempt to manipulate the targeted citizen in absorbing  neurotoxic metals like lead when attempting to shield themselves from  the radar assaults, lead is used in the industry to shield from x-rays  and radar.

    And this may be true since calcium depletion is  linked to bad health, heart disease, colon cancer, brain health, and  lead would increase the attack on the brain;

    The targeting  system theory is linked to the fact that similar to absorbing more lead  due to the calcium depletion, the targeted citizen can also absorb more  radioactive isotopes used in a targeting system, which can be linked to  the powerful radar assaults and powerful radar streams aimed at the shin  bone, hips and butt, "how can they see me in my own home?".
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