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    Monte Carlo, Monaco

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    Recession? What Recession?


    I set out to find the country with the lowest unemployment rate in the world and the best economy. Monaco is the only country in the world with an official unemployment rate of 0% and with an average annual income of well over $150,000 no doubt it's citizens are not worrying about "their economy". A 0% income tax rate is another reason people with big money look to obtaining a treasured Monegasque passport. Thinking of a move? Better make sure you have enough money to buy a smallish 1,000 square foot apartment for no less than $5 to $10 million, depending on the view "unfurnished of course".


    Of course with all that money floating around you'd want to make sure you and your stash are safe. On both a per-capita and per-area basis, Monaco has the largest police force (515 police officers for 35,000 people) and police presence in the world. Its police includes a specialist unit which operates patrol and surveillance boats. There is also a small military consisting of a bodyguard unit for the Prince and his palace called the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince which numbers 116 officers and men and is equipped with modern weapons such as M16 rifles and 9 mm pistols, and a militarized (and armed) fire and civil defence Corps.


    It may be a small country but it's full of superlatives.


    Monaco is the second smallest country (by size) in the world; only the Vatican City is smaller.


    The traditional national language is Monégasque, now spoken by only a minority of residents. It resembles Ligurian, which is spoken in Genoa, Italy. In the old part of Monaco, street signs are printed in both French and Monégasque. Italian is also spoken by the principality's sizable community from Italy.


    One of Monaco's main sources of income is tourism. Each year many are attracted to its casino and pleasant climate. Monaco's own citizens are not allowed to gamble in the casino.


    Since 1955, the Monaco Grand Prix has been held annually in the streets of Monaco. It is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious automobile races in the world.


    The Monaco Marathon is the only marathon in the world to pass through three separate countries, those of Monaco, France and Italy.


    The country has no natural resources


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