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    Posted November 10, 2011 by
    Penn State University Campus, Pennsylvania
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    Penn State sanctions fair?

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    Why the recent Penn State Scandal will prove to be one of the darkest moments in American History


    Yesterday, after 10PM local time, Penn State's Board of Trustees accepted the resignation of President Spanier, and terminated Joe Paterno.  This is the only part of this entire matter that has two sides, everything else is absolutely abhorrent to anyone without a serious social disorder.


    Everyone following this story should get geared up, because as the news comes out, we are going to see a level of corruption never unmasked in our history.


    In 1998, Victim 6's mother filed a report with Campus Police about illicit sexual misconduct on the part of Jerry Sandusky, who was then the Defensive Coordinator for Penn State, and Joe Paterno's #2.


    The District Attorney who reviewed the Investigative report, decided not to press charges, and Sandusky was informed he is not to be showering with young boys anymore.  In the course of the investigation, Sandusky admitted to showering with at least 1 minor, AND, innapropriately hugging him while in the shower.


    In 2002, Mike McQuery, current coach on the PSU Football Staff, allegedly witnessed Sandusky engaged in anal intercourse with a 10 year old boy.  McQuery ran away, leaving this child to be raped, and went to his father for advice as to what he should do.


    His father recommended McQuery tell Head Coach, Joe Paterno.  Paterno passed the allegations along to the Athletic Director, who then involved the VP.  This was again covered up by the informed University Officials, and Sandusky was simply told he is not allowed to bring young boys into the Penn State showers anymore.


    At this point, there are apparent reports trickling in about Sandusky, and his involvement with the kids at "The Second Mile Organization", which Jerry Sandusky founded.  An organization for helping physically, mentally, and sexually abused young boys.


    This Organization he founded, was obviously a front, active since 1977, to give Sandusky access to the most vulnerable young boys in our society.  Six years after "The Second Mile" learned of the allegations of 2002, they stopped allowing Sandusky to be involved with the children, but not the Organization.


    In 2005, the original District Attorney, Ray Gricar, went missing.  Police found his car parked at an antique store adjacent to a nearby river.  Coincidentally, at the same spot his brother, Roy,  allegedly commited suicide, jumping into the river, in 1996.  The only thing they ever found, was Ray's Government Issued laptop, stripped of its hard drive.


    Another major factor, is the recent reporting, of a likelihood Sandusky was "Pimping" his victims and their vulnerability, to other sexually deviant members of society.  This is a situation that needs a swift, thorough investigation, and even swifter justice.


    These people, Sandusky and his perverse cohorts, should be tried under federal treason laws. This type of decpetive behavior, violation of trust, betrayal of basic human morals,  are such a serious violation of trust, which will deeply damage the integrity of the United States, it's citizens, our Educational System, our Charitable organizations, and the deepest foundations of our national beliefs.


    Sometimes stealing can be justified, if it is feeding a starving child.  Killing can be justified, when it is protecting innocent people. Fraud, speeding, running red lights, drug use, bootlegging, and violence can all have viable excuses.  No matter what the scenario, there is never a viable reason for raping a child.


    There is never an excuse for destroying the lives of those members of our society that we should be doing all we can to help grow into great people.  There will never be an excuse for harming a child, in any situation, and in this moment, today and now, we need quick and effective leadership from our elected officials to end the ordeal, and the suffering of the victims of this horrible atrocity.


    My thoughts and prayers go out to the all the victims, those poor young men, their families, and the members of the Penn State community that have all been personally affected by this horrible example of human nature.

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