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    Los Angeles, California

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    Palm Oil, the WWF and Steven Wiltshire, the Human Camera


    Often called the human camera, Steven Wiltshire has the uncanny ability to recall minute details of everything that he has seen and then reproduce them in drawings. As an experiment, Steven was flown over the eternal city of Rome just once. When he landed, he astonishingly reproduced with amazing accuracy entirely from memory minute detailing, such as the winding streets, the Vatican with the surrounding buildings, the ornate windows and other details. What he reproduced resemble the detailing that can only be captured with a powerful camera!


    It is indeed intriguing that one man’s memory and eye for detail can be so remarkable. Yet, when we contemplate the role of green groups like Greenpeace, the Friends of the Earth (FOE), the Rainforest Action Network (RAN), and the other alphabet soup list of “green” organizations like the WWF and their baffling campaigns against what is probably the most benign of all edible oilseeds known to man, what strikes you is the degree of blindness they exhibit when it comes to the issue! Is the myopia genuine or selective?


    After all, it is undisputed that palm oil is planted on only 0.23% of the world’s agricultural land. Yes read that again. 0.23% of the world’s agricultural real estate and not the world’s land! If we take the world’s land to determine the effect of palm oil on deforestation, it melts into nothingness!


    Yet this remarkably benign crop, environmentally speaking is capable of producing an amazing 30% of the world’s supply of edible oil. The fact remains that palm oil just happens to be naturally endowed with inherent hyper yielding characteristics that have blown its competitors out of the water!  With a natural yield of 4-5 metric tons per hectare, palm oil’s yield is 6-10 times higher already than its competitors such as soy, rapeseed and sunflower. Whilst its competitors have probably reached the limit of further yield gains through genetic engineering, the palm oil industry has already developed strains that have exhibited yields of 10 tons per hectare and according to the prediction of experts can probably reach 20 tons per hectare before it hits its genetic limits!


    This fact alone offers a clue as to the real reason why palm oil attracts the kind of selective myopia from green groups such as those mentioned above. It scares the hell out of competitors, who know that this edible oil cannot be fought in a level playing field!


    This explains the carefully planned, coordinated and well funded campaigns carried out against palm oil by a cabal of carefully chosen protagonists. The powers that be behind these inexplicable campaigns have ensured that the candidates chosen to carry out the hatchet job against palm oil carry impressive “civil society” credentials.


    Whist some of these civil society groups have been misled to jump on the bandwagon out of purely altruistic and non-monetary motives, it is obvious that many of their brethren have sold out to the powers that be funding these anti-palm oil campaigns.


    Who are the faceless entities planning, coordinating and funding these attacks against palm oil? Are they governments keen to protect their national indigenous edible oilseed industries or are they competing edible oiled industries themselves?


    Whoever these faceless assassins are, they are unconscionable as their actions have an impact on the livelihoods of millions of poor in South East Asia ranging from the smallholders who contribute 40% of the global supply of palm oil to those workers working in the upstream and downstream sectors of the palm oil industry such as plantation and mill workers.


    However, the fact that these agent-provocateurs exist are in no doubt. If any conscionable news organization would care to commission a in depth investigation into the matter and plot the launch timing and participants of these seemingly endless palm oil campaigns, a clear pattern would emerge.


    First, an anti-palm oil campaign would be launched by a green organization such as Greenpeace and when that campaign runs its course, the cudgels would be picked up by the Friends of the Earth (FOE). When FOE’s campaign is running out of legs, another green group like the Rainforest Action Network  (RAN) would launch its own campaign against palm oil. The idea behind this baton passing order of the palm oil campaigns appears to be a deliberate plan to give the appearance that the campaigns against palm oil are spontaneous, far ranging geographically and the earnest outpourings of civilly convicted activists. 


    As the campaigns are plotted, a clear trend also emerges of increasing sophistication in the planning and execution of these campaigns. Aware that sites such as the Palm Oil Truth Foundation have been raising the specter of payola and blood money behind the selection of these participants behind these palm oil campaigns, the selection process has grown more sophisticated. A hotchpotch of “civil society” groups ranging from health groups to even zoos such as the Melbourne Zoo, the Auckland Zoo, the Philly Zoo and even the European Association of Zoos are tasked with launching anti-palm oil campaigns one after the other!


    However, these groups are known to sell their services if the price is right and to the highest bidder!  Palm oil just happens to be collateral damage in their inexorable hunt for funding to fund their operations and the not inconsiderable budgets and fat salary programs of their office bearers!


    In the circumstances, if a news organization would care to demand that these suspect organizations such as the WWF bare their accounts, and indeed their bank statements, to public scrutiny, an interesting picture would surely emerge. The Palm Oil Truth Foundation stands convinced that a sudden influx of funds would mysteriously appear on these accounts either before or after the launch of these anti-palm oil campaigns!


    Note: The Palm Oil Truth Foundation (TRUTH Foundation) is an international non-governmental and not-for-profit organization, without strings to the world of commerce and power. We are a people organization, organized for the people and founded upon the principles of integrity and responsibility as a global citizen with the sole purpose of representing TRUTH to the global community about the health, environmental and economic benefits of palm oil.  www.palmoiltruthfoundation.com

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