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    Cultural census: Read aloud

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    Read aloud-Change of patterns

    I made sound recording myself reading the passage of cultural census.when I compared speech patterns and accents from around the country with the reading passage I took some differences. some european and american countries speech patterns and accents may be changed. when I compared with my self reading passage they used their language as method like a mother tongue language with fast pronunciation when I compared with myself reading passage of Indian pronunciation which is typical separated words of pronunciation they used the english through born gift as it may be mother to progeny or father to progeny. my question is as it may be hereditary or some other way. whenever we go to Darwinian theory have we takes all the facts. some may be agreed and some may be never agreed. Giraffe could be the best example for a comparison the Darwinian and Lamarckian theories of evolution. Lamarckian explanation would start with short-necked ancestral form that fed on leaves of bushes and trees these while competing with each other for food stretched their necks to reach the higher branches this condition was inherited and the offspring started with somewhat longer necks. Darwinian explanation is on a different footing altogether. the development of a long neck, here is considered as a sudden and spontaneous occurrence and not the effect of the environment.In the ancestral population there were some forms with long necks. they were more successful than the short-necked forms because they could reach tall trees they won in the struggle for existence.the long necked condition is assumed to be a heritable variation and this beneficial variation would be inherited by the offspring
    But Iam not agreed with this two evolution theories.according to me Darwin does not explained the evolution through grow and grow from the growth. according to Darwin theory of evolution variation took place when the change occurred in the development of starting region that is he called the evolution.In this regard In my views evolution took place through grow and grow from the growth in different shapes and different shapes. In this regard short necked ancestral Giraffes when they took sexual mate the progeny which they occupied were two feet longer necks than the short necked ancestral Giraffes which came from grow and grow through the growth.again when two feet longer necked Giraffes took sexual mate the progeny which they occupied were 4 feet longer neck than 2 feet longer neck Giraffes which came from grow and grow through the growth.In this way evolution took place through grow and grow through the growth
    In this way through grow and grow from the growth speech patterns and accents may also changed
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