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    Posted November 18, 2011 by
    Ste-Anne-des-lacs, Quebec
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    outbreak of measles


                               WORLD WIDE Measles  epidemic


                           Winter is to our door steps as well H5N1 and measles.


    There is no specific medical treatment for measles. It can be fatal.

    No medication

    It’s extremely contagious. It could lead to many other deadly symptoms.

    In some articles I red,


    • Dr Castonguay said it's been 10 years we didn’t see measles on this part of the continent but now HIGH OUTBREAK OF MEASLES is hitting North America and the rest of the world.
    • DR. De Serres said 52 cases of 98 cases had the vaccine.
    • Dr. Bélanger said the ongoing outbreak is largely from kids without a vaccine.


    Unfortunately in Québec and many other parts of the world, 6 million people, just in Québec, have no doctors to have their children get their vaccine, so imagine the rest of the world.

    And some mothers like the mother in France are refusing to have their children get the vaccine.


    • When will the government step in to save its population from the worst ever contagious outbreak of measles in the decade?
    • When will the world organisation of health get together to examine the situation all together and get the facts right?



    Some doctors say the source come from a teacher who went in the Carribean on vacation. Some say, it’s the French women in France who doesn’t have their children get the vaccine afraid of catching autism. Others say people brought it back from Congo....or a little girl in China.

    Who can tell us exactly?

    Should we call dr Phill, really!

    We need to get this situation under control before it controls our actions and our where abouts.

    Doctors recommend to have 2 vaccines mostly at age 18mth to 16years old.

    Dr Samuel Katz creator of the measles vaccine said you better have your child get the vaccine than have him or her die from catching measles with other kids.

    Some crazy mothers in parts of United States have send lollipops to children with this infection virus so their child could get it at a party.

    How stupid is this?

    This is not chicken pox people; wake up!

    There are a lot of consequences when catching the measles.

                              We are talking about  kids, teenagers and adults dying here.

    We had not seen measles for many years now on the American continent  but unfortunately people travel. They have travel to Europe where the outbreak is phenomenal.


    • France    14,040 case of measles since January


                      4,000 more just in the period of July-October


    • Italy          4,300
    • Spain        2, 407
    • Romania   2,072
    • Germany   1,480
    • England    854
    • USA           200
    • Canada    757+


                     18 people traveling to Europe

                     505 had not been vaccinated

                       70 had only one dose


    • New Zealand also have measles and
    • Mexico...
    • Some case in China as well



    Ecuador, England, Ethipia, Finland, France, Germany , India, Ireland, Israel, Kyrgyztan, Macedonia, Mexico, Mozambique, Nepal, Neerderland, New Zeland, Nigeria, Normay, Phillipines, Romania, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Somalia, Spain, Sudan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turquie, Ukraine, United States., Zamiba.


    Numbers, facts are hard to get; as sites on internet are outdated some even removed their sites where they had posted previously the numbers of people infected by this measles.

    The biggest target are at this time the kids of 12to19 years old.

    A lot of adults had catch measles from a flight to Europe. San Diego, New York...

    Look, just in France itself people who contracted measle had severe symptoms

    10 dead

    26 encéphalomyelite

    800 severe pneumonia

    It can be fatal

    Measle symptoms

    Starts with fever 104-105


    • Persistent cough
    • runny nose
    • Inflammed eye lid
    • shot
    • Rash starting in the face and down.     




    • Run away
    • Get your double shot of  vaccine.          


                       1 person can contaminate 15-20 people by:

    -Coughing, sneezing, touching

               It stays in a room 2 hours after the person went by.

    People are afraid to have their children vaccine because of autism.

    But would they be arrested and charge guilty if their own child transmit the disease to another one at school?

    Yes you can die from measles.

    Pregnant women are at risk.

                     It is a very serious outbreak.

                     It spread really really fast.

    Don’t let it get to you or your love one for the hollydays                                             and beware measles and H5N1 as well.

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